Sunday, October 12, 2014

Medieval Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant, finished

At last have I finished the Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant, a little bit to late as the rules was released the 20th September. As it seems they had a very good welcome in the gaming comunity, an it seems like there are many Lion Rampant Hoast builds in progres around the globe:)

Here are a few group pictures of the Hoast, that are composed of

2x Mounted men-at-arms, one with the Leader, 2x6pts
2x Foot Serjants, 2x4pts
2x Bidowers, 2x2pts OR 1xBowmen, 1x4pts

In total 24 points ready for the Invasion of Gotland 1361...


  1. Very nice work! The new ruleset really has got me into thinking about painting up a Scandinavian host. Too bad us Finns were slightly uncivilized back then and no nice heraldry etc. to be found :)

    1. Thank you Samuli !

      Of course you want to build a Scandinavian Hoast:)

      As Finland for most part of the medieval period was a part of Sweden I would build a Hoast with some "Swedish" troops like Mounted men at arms, mounted/foot Serjants and then add finnish Auxillary troops like Bidowers (Huntsmen etc) Foot Yeomen (Finnish allmoge gathered for ledung duty, and give them javelins or mixed weapons) and maybe even some Fierce foot (the more uncivilized ones;) )

      1x Mounted Men at arms (BIshop of Åbo or similar high ranking Swede with his Svenner) 6pts
      1x Mounted Serjants (The Bishops knektar may be with crossbowsor at least some of them so I could use both options with the same minis:) ) 4pts
      2x Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons (allmoge with bow/crossbow, spears etc, round shields and kite shields in a mix) 2x5pts
      2x Bidowers (hunters with bow/crossbow )

      Good luck with the Hoast build :)

      Best regards Michael

    2. Yeah Swedes are probably the way to go if you want to portray Finns :) Swedish style Men-at-arms backed up by some rowdy fellas from Häme.

      Now I just need to convince someone else at the club that it's a good idea to start gaming other scandinavian subjects than Vikings :)

  2. What a fine body of troops Michael.

  3. Great looking force! But I hope the Gotlanders throw them into the sea! ;-)

  4. Very nice looking force Michael! Good luck with the Invasion of Gotland!

  5. They look great! I hope they fight well for you :-)

  6. Fantastic figures Michael- inspiring us as ever..
    best wishes

  7. Any thoughts about Norway...
    Some ski troops maybe?
    The Kings Mirror for some pointers perhaps?

  8. Very impressive as always. Your retinue is very similar to the one I plan to run - that is with with two each mounted MAA and foot serjeant units. Best, Dean

  9. Outstanding ... they look awesome!

  10. Very appropriate as your trip to Denmark draws near. If you ever get into trouble in Copenhagen, just show them these awesome pictures, and they'll forgive you everything! Its your Danish "get-out-of-jail-free" card, but you might have to promise them Gotland back :0)

  11. Excellent looking retinue for Lion Rampant. Should be lots of fun.

  12. Splendid host Michael! The Gutes of Gotland won't stand a chance.

  13. Fantastic retinue, Michael; very nice painting work.