Thursday, November 13, 2014

AAR: Battle at Fjäle Myr 24 July 1361

I staged this game for my Danish friend Sören so he could try out the Lion Rampant rules once more. the Scenario are the 3rd one in my "Danish invasion of Gotland, 1361" article in the lates issue of Wargames Soldiers and Stratedy (Issue 75)

Thanks to Jonas for lending his Dark age minis for the Gutes bot in the WSS article and in this game

This is actually my first AAR in several mont I belive, plan to do some more Lion Rampant AAR´s in the near time.

The Scenario put a smaller Gute force that should try to stop the Danish invaders to cross the stream by Amunds Bridge. The Bridge they managed to destroy the day before. But the Danes have a cunning plan, they have sent their Cavalry in a flank move...

Set-up The Danish Knight in the botom of the picture was on a flank march and would enter on the oposit side of the stream from left or right side as soon as the first dansih Infantry unit would have entered the stream...

Gute camp

The CGutes had Skirmishers to protect the flanks...

Danish units, 2 units od Serjants and one unit of Bowmen would advance to the stream and engage the Gutes as the Danish Knights would attack the Gutes in the back... a solid plan:)

The Gutes had one unit of Foot yeomen by the stream as a Guard force, they entered the stream to try to hold up the Danes and prevent them from entering the stream...

The main Gute force seems to be tired after yesterdays fighting and didn´t move much during the first turns... or did they await the Danish flank force...

After all it didn´t seens like the Gutes expected a flank attack and started to move their forces against the stream to engage the advansing Danes...

But then dissaster stroke for the Gutes as 2 units of Danish Knights emerged from the Myr (Bog) on their right flank...

The Danish Knights made some swift advance forward the Gutes...

..and charged them...

It turner out to be a masacre of Gute Yeomen... they had to retreat..

...but didn´t make it far away before the second unit of Danish Knights charged them...

...The Guted fought bravely but was cut down to the last man...

A wooden sword are always good to have during medieval gaming:)

The victorious Danish knighs looks for more Gutes to slay...

Halfway through the game...not looking good for the Gutes...

The Danish Leader from the House of Thott charges the Gute leader with his stoic Gutes...

...but even putting up a good fight the Gutes could not withstand the sheer power of the Danish Knights...

By now it was alost cause for the Gutes that started to withdraw to the north and the road to Visby and the final struggle against the Danes...

We had a really interesting and tense game, even as the arrival of the Danish Knights was a real game winner for the Danes. 

The Gutes had a couple of rounds without to much movement, if they would have advanced faster to the stream and stoped the advance of the Danish infantry they could have prevented the dansih Knights to get in to the battle at all and leting them perish in the bog...


  1. Excellent report Michael! Great looking game!

  2. That is a lovely looking game. Thanks for posting.

  3. Superb! I really like your wooden sword ruler :-)

  4. Thanks for arranging this wonderful game Michael - It's always a pleasure to sit down at a gaming table set by you. Not only must i commend your's and Jonas' miniatures, but as I said when we played, also the terrain bits (especially the tents) are really little masterpieces them selves. A really enjoyable game and AAR!

    1. It was indeed a good gaming session Sören.

      As you know by now all gaming tables must look as good as possible, somehow the gaming get more enjoyable then:)

  5. Nice report Michael! Glad to see my minis got another outing – even if it only was to get a good spanking ...

    1. My fault as I comanded the Gutes...Sorry Jonas... ;) Thanks for letting us use your minis !

    2. Any time mate! It's not like I use any of them at the moment ... ;)

  6. A fabulous report Michael and a stunning looking table - I just love the wooden measuring sword!

  7. Outstanding game table, Michael! Is the wooden sword your measuring stick?

    Enjoyable BatRep!

    1. Thanks Jonathan !

      Indeed it is a mesuring stick, inch and centimeters got it from a local poundshop some time ago.

  8. Thank you all for every nice comment ! Very appreciated !!!

  9. Great report again. Wonderfully painted figures, great terrain, what more could one ask for?

  10. Also a treat to read your AAR's and this one did not disappoint. Keep up the good work.
    Oh do you know if those measuring sword are back in stock?

  11. Great looking figures and game as always, Michael.

  12. Fantastic AAR again, Michael. Wonderful terrain and figures!