Monday, November 3, 2014

Will I get my copy of WSS75 today :)

The Danes have landed at Fröjel beach...

Today I hope I will get my copy of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy issu 75 with my Danish invasion of Gotlan 1361 article and I must admit that it is a splendid feeling to see your own work in print, especially when it also made it to the fronpage :)

I really hope that the article will give you some wargaming inspiration and maybe even get a crave for a Scandinavia Lion Rampant force...

Ofcource the 4 scenarios will work in other settings then the Gotlandic one so I hope you can try them out and enjoy the game with what ever medieval minis you have around.

I have got some questions about minis to use for the Danish invasion of Gotland so I will try to put together a blog post about that to, but give me a day or so and I´ll be back...

Probably an AAR of one of the cenarios in the article to, as we playing the third one out at the club tonight:)


  1. Looking forward to receiving my copy too so I can see your wonderful work in print.

  2. With the artistry of your brush, I am shocked your works are not on EVERY cover!

    Again, congratulations!

  3. and a right riveting read it was too - well done :-)

  4. See if I can lay my hands on a copy. Congratz yet again!! :)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the list of miniatures you used to achieve your forces. Still planning on doing this in 10mm, but 28mm is so tempting...

    1. Thanks! I haven't realy planed a list of the minis i used, more of a general guide ;)

  6. No magazine here yet – I'm eagerly awaiting my copy too!

  7. Congrat's again Michael! I will have to try and locate a copy!

  8. I recieved my copy yesterday and enjoyed your article a lot. So congrats mate!