Sunday, March 15, 2015

Medieval armed townsfolk #2

Here comes the second batch of Medieval armed townsfolk for our Salute 2015 game, Stockholm 1392 - God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies

The man in the middle raising his fist will be one of the main characters the German Mayor of Stockholm, Alf Grenerot, there was one German and one swedish mayor in the town bu that time.

Alf Grenerot seems to have been a really eveil man as he is told to be one of the main instigators to the Murder of about 70 Swedish Burghers in Stockholm during the Summer of 1392...

I added hoods on them all as there was a group of Germans that was keen to teroroze the Swedes in Stockholm that was called "Hättebröderna" The Hoodedbrothers.


  1. Very nice and expressive minis. Greetings!

  2. Lovely and the background 'story' is coming along nicely.

  3. Great stuff! Nice mix of weaponry.

  4. Best of luck with this project Michael.

  5. Lovely work on these hooded brothers and the poster too! Any preview of the terrain?

    1. Thanks matey !

      Terrain WIP´s will come...

  6. Thank you all !

    I hope some of you can make it to salute and join in for a game.

  7. Wow. You keep these little groups going and you will have a nice little force for some Gang individual skirmish games. Like maybe a game of dusk and shadows. Or some more realistic fantasy worlds like the Withcher.

  8. Great work Michael! Looking forward to some sneak peeks of the terrain.