Monday, July 19, 2010

VIP Late Romans

I dont have any more AWI minis with me to the i had to paint some 28mm Late Roman/Sub-Roman British minis that I had almost forgotten I have to order some more from Gripping Beast...

They will be based for our clubs "Big-Base" concept, i.e. 8cm front.


  1. Man those figures look amazing the sheilds are great, such detail

  2. Thanks Galpy !

    Glad you liked my romans!

    It´s some old 40K and Bretonnian transfers from GW in the bottom...

  3. Dalauppror - You have mentioned "Big Base" DBA a couple of times in your blog, but the link you refer to is broken. Do you have the information available on Big Base DBA?

    Thank you

  4. Hi Chad.

    The "Big-Bases" DBA are some thing that we at our club invented to have the possibillity to use our 28mm minis and play DBA ( that we did much back then) and get some thing on the gaming table that looked like a army...that we did´nt think DBA did with the ordinary basing system. I will try to hut down the text thet the broken link refered to and publicis it again. but in short Big bases are:
    80mm front on all troops

    Infantry have dept 50mm
    Heavy foot 8 minis
    Medium foot/bows etc 6 minis
    Skirmishers 3-4 minis

    Cavalry have dept 80mm
    Heavy/medium 5 minis
    Light 3 minis

    We have played Impetus with these minis using the 15mm mesurement and it have worked out realy fine. I played a game lasdt night and I hope to soon post a AAR.

    Best regards Dalauppror