Saturday, August 21, 2010

Impetus AAR

Last night I and my friend Rikard had the opportunety to play a game of Impetus. We used Rikards lovely painted 28mm Arthurians. They are based according to our"Big-Bases" concept... in short... 80mm front and infantry have depth 50mm and cavalry 80mm.

The armys was only 200points, Rikard used the Sub-Roman British list and I The late Roman list. Rikard had 2xCM* Medium Cavalry, 8xFP Heavy Infantry in large units and 3xFM Medium Foot...the dreeded Irich Mercenarys...My small army was made up of 3xFP* Heavy Infantry, 6xFP Saxon mercenarys in large units, 2xCL Light cavalry with Bows and 1xS Skirmishing Javelinmen... The Battle could begin...

We decided to play on a 180x120 table but was only allowed to deploy in the center part of it.

I (to the right in the picture) deployed as close to the table center that I was allowed as I knew that I had to get my Saxons in the fight to have a chans to win!, my Skirmishers protekted the left flank and the Light cavalry was supposed to ruch forward and start harasing Rikards main line, and maybe inflict some loses to...

Rikards line...It seemed that he was afraid of my Saxons as he deplyed he´s main line way was only a evil plan...

My line waiting to be ordered to move forward.

Some game turns have army have moved forward as quick as possible...trying to doubble move and got dissordered...

Rikards evil plan worked to some part...he used the cavalry and the Irish to flank my army on both sides....The Irish cut my Skirmishers to pieces, but some of my Saxons retaliated but under heavy losses...

Rickards cavalry and Irish work they way around my flanks...and my only chans was to reach he´s main line and start so slaughter them...

My line start to get thiner and I haven´t even made my main charge yet...

Light cavalry are god to have IF you can use them properly..I can´t obviously... Rikards CinC charges them in the back...

At last some of my troops managed to Charge !!! But thet was soon tear down by a steady wall of sharp spears...Large units are realy steady...

After several turns of fighting one more of my Heavy Foot unit was eliminated...that made my whole army to was a glorious victory for Rickard ! I lost 11VD and Rikard only 3...

The gaming table after Rikards victory...

It was a realy nice game and it is fun to start playing Impetus again, was almoes 1 year sins last time and I have to study the rules some more. More Impetus here at my blog in the future:)


  1. Excellent AAR. The armies are stunning, I really like the painting and basing. Can't wait to see and read more.

  2. Thanks Chad

    You can find more pictures of Rikards stunning minis at "The Rickard Room" at the Gripping Beast website.

  3. What a nice layout and a well done report as well. Too bad there are no close-ups available. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Sire Godefroy

    you cand find some more closeups of Rikard and my 28mm arthurian minis at my photobucket

  5. Wow! Just stumbled upon your blog. Very impressive. It seems that, as a game, Impetus draws only the finest of talent ;)

    Really enjoyed the report. I've just started painting my first 28mm army for Impetus, however it's sadly a Fantasy one (had to go with Fantasy to as a compromise to the larger group). I prefer my 15mm historical ones.

  6. Great armies and wonderful terrain - is that the Grand Manner Dark Ages Watch Tower? Beautifully painted - I want one too!

  7. Thanks Paul !

    The Watch Tower are from Grand Manner, its painted by my opponent Rikard. He´s a realy tallanted painter, you can se some of he´s darkages minis at the Rickard Room at the Gripping beast page:

    Best Regards Dalauppror

  8. Yes Rickard are a realy good painter !