Friday, September 10, 2010

Extra Impetus 3

I got my copy of Extra Impetus 3 yesterday. Looks realy good and lots of new army list with focus on 15th century Europe.

Of course I was specialy interested in the Kalmar Union and the Swedish lists, looked fine to me, but I had ofcourse some question the Inclusion of T-Handgunners...I have never read about any formed bodys of Handgunners fighting in Sweden during this period 1434-1472...I hope I will find some answers...

+++ for the Kalmar Union and the Swedish flags that was included, only the Danish national flag missing... so I give you mine at the end of this post:)

Over all I was pleased with Extra Impetius 3!

And here are some Flags that I made for my 15mm Danish/Kalmar Union FoG army, 1490. and you can find some that looks very much like mine in the book...?

Kalmar Union Flag

Danish National Flag

Swedish National Flag

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