Thursday, September 16, 2010

TYW Polish

I still have not got my order of minis for my Spanish TYW army...But I have seen the army list for FoGR...and I was disappointed that they would not be allowed to have Old style Tercios???

And here some VIP pictures of my friend Oskars 2:nd army for TYW , The Polish army... some bases to be made but all minis are painted and the Linnen flags are in place and it looks realy nice:)


  1. Wow! This is really nice. I like how your club goes all in on a project.

  2. Thanks Chad! Oskar have persuade about 7or 8 members to join this FoGR TYW project..about 50% of all active members, I hope FoGR are good rules otherwise we can allways fallback on Black Powder, which is one of my favorite rules at the moment:)

  3. Nice! That Polish army looks really good! What figures do you guys use? I really look forward to comments about FoGR as I'm thinking of trying them out. I'm also very in to Black Powder and FoGR have to be be exceptionally good for me to use them regularly. Hey, are you guys up in Umeå? I live in Uppsala...

  4. Thanks !
    The Polish minis are mostely from, The Pike/Shots are from

    I agree about FoGR... but if the club members decides to use them I suppose I to have to do that, but at the moment I prefer BP, realy looking forward to the BP PikeShot supplement.

    Not Umeå...we residents in Stockholm, you can find our club forum at (only in swedish...sorry)

  5. Ok! Stockholm! I must've mixed you up with some other guys. I'm a member of Svenska Institutet för Strategisk Analys (SISA) in Uppsala. I'll look at your webpage. Jag väntar också på BP supplementet väldigt mycket!!!