Friday, November 26, 2010

Caballería de coraceros

I have been working on the two Cavalry units at the same time and now I have made the final touch on the second one to.

During the weekend I plan to finish the 5th and last Tercio for the army, and if I got some spare time I hope to start painting the Dragoons as well...106 hours to deadline... I hope you all will have a nice weekend;)


  1. I see you're doing a final big effort.

    Congratulations, nice unit as always.


  2. Nice work!

    Since I am spanish, I can help you with spaniard names. "Caballos corazas" makes no sense in spanish, I am sorry =/ plate-armoured cavalrymen are called "caballería de coraceros" instead. Tricky language is ours!

  3. Thanks Sztiletto ! Just used the name they are called in the FoGr army list...suppuse that they can´t Spanis either:)