Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spanish Cavalry

I´m now in the final stages of painting my Spanish TYW army, not to many units left which is god as my inspiration starts to run out...

I have one more Cavalry unit and one Tercia left...and the Dragoons...and one more commander that I have added on sins my friend Oskar had some minis left over and you never know than you will need 4 of them:) But there is only 6 days left to my deadline...

And ofcourse some pictures of the first unit of Cavalery...Caballos Corazas...I unse the same minis as for my Arquebusiers but with more armour and no glue on Arquebuses;)


  1. Very nice, did you use a dip or ink over the figures?

  2. Thanks Ray

    All the minis for my Spanish army have a black under coat, and a Ochre Brown heavy dry bruch...and then I block out the metal parts(Natural Steel), the skin(Flat Flesh) and jackets and some trousers(Cavalry Brown for red, Yellow Ochre for yellow,etc... quite bright colours).

    After that I wash the mini in GW´s Devland Mud;)

    Then the wash is dry I highlight the red fethers and saches with vermillion red, the skin with flat flesh and paint some Buff on most belts etc.

  3. Nice as always.

    I can't wait to see complete army in photos ^^.

    Congratulations and go ahead!

  4. Thanks Gonzo !

    I to looking forward to se the complete army;)

    I hope that all unit will bee painted and based untill next weekend, and if I can find a big enough table (unfortunaly we don´t have acces to our gaming clud until mid or late december:( ) to field the army on there will defently be a photo shoot and some pictures for the blog:)

    Have a nice weekend

    Best regards Dalauppror