Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15mm Basing tutorial

I have had some questions about how I make my 15mm bases, so here is a tutorial.

Step 1: Superglue the minis to a base, I use 2mm MDF.
Step 2: Use PVA glue to attach sand to the base. I use Citadel sand code 66-42 (But Citadel have recently changed the zize of the sand so a sligthly bigger sort...)

Step 3: Undercoat in black. I use Citadel Sparypaint.

The old brushes I use.

Step 4: Drybrush with Vallejo U.S.A. Tan-Earth 134/874. Or get some cheap water based brown paint.

Step 5: Brybrush with Vallejo Ochre Brown 127/856. Or get some cheap water based ochra/yellow paint.

Step 6: Drybrush with Vallejo Buff 120/976

Step 7: Paint some rocks with Vallejo London Grey 161/836.

Step 8: High light the rocks with Vallejo Medium Sea Grey 158/870

Step 9: Use PVA glue and Flock the Base with Gren Flock. I use Citadel 66-41

Step 10: Tidy up the minis and the base edges with black.

And now it is just the painting of the minis left:)

And here you can find out how I base my 28mm minis...

Good Luck !


  1. Good basing makes all the difference - it makes average figs look good, good figs look great, and great figs look superb.

    I'm firmly in the former camp and need to do the best basing I can :-)

  2. Nice tutorial. Would you mind if I link to it on a future post on my blog?

  3. Thanks Mates !

    Feel free Sean to link to the post if like:)

    Best regards Michael

  4. Very Nice,

    I'm surprising , you finish the basing before the painting !

  5. Thanks !

    Sins I work quite fast when I make my bases, dry bruching etc. I tend to ruin the painted minis if I paint them first... and it feels like the army are almost finished then the bases are done:)

    Best regards Michael

  6. Hi Dalauppror, sorry for the Postomancy,

    I notice a light brown kind of branches in last screenshot.

    ¿What kind of material did you use?


  7. Hi Joan

    I think I used ordinary woodlandsenic "Field Grass Harvest Gold"

    Best regards Michael