Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dux Bellorum Flyers...

Dan Mersey, the authour of the upcoming Arthurian Rules, Dux Bellorum, sent me some realy nice flyers for the game.

Front page was the cover of the rulebook and on the back a short intro about the game, same text as on the Ospry site AND a Dux Bellorum Army Roster, could come in handy:)

Dux Bellorum Army Roster

I also nickt some page spread from the upcoming rule book from Dans blog...

It sure look mighty fine to me, realy looking forward to the release of the rules, althought I never tested them. Even started to fix up my old dark age minis for the first games later this summer:)


  1. I saw these rules on their site and wondered why I hadn't heard anything else about them.

    1. Hi Paul

      Not much buzz about them yet... Ospry didn´t even had any info about them at Salute...

      Dan have posted qouite much about the rules at he´s blog.

      There will be an intervju with Dan about Dux Bellorum in WS&S magazine Issue 61

      Best regards Michael

  2. Looks really nice indeed! And with some Angus McBride illustrations if I'm not mistaken.

    1. Sure is:)

      The front cover are painted by the realy talanted Spanish artist José Daniel Cabrera Peña.

      You find he´s blog here:

    2. Some really nice paintings on his blog!
      And his style has some similiarities to McBride.

      The one I was thinking of is the one on the example page spread though. And looking closer I make out the McBride signature. :-)

  3. A very interesting rulebook, and with a good level of quality. I will wait for more information in this blog.

    Best regards.

  4. I love the period so no doubt I'll be picking up a copy!