Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dux Suecia AAR Teaser...

Just before Christmas I and Jonas played our 3rd game of our Dux Suecia campaign (i.e. Migrat of TFL Dux Britanniarum to Kalmar Union War i.e. Civil War in 15th century Sweden). Unfortunally I haven´t had the time to write the AAR untill leas I started now... I hope to have it up at the blog during the weekend:)

In our latest game The Union/Archbishop forces haven´t had time to replace all losses so the Rebells under command of the Knight Nils Bosson Sture of the House Natt och Dag had the uperhand. So in July 1466 the rebells decide to attack a Union supply column destined to the Archbishop and his troops that defended the Swedish capital Stockholm. This all translated in to the "Raiding a Waggon Train" scenario from the rulebook.

After a close fight the Union supply colum managed to win the day and get through to Stockholm. You can read all about it here.

Ater the loss the Rebell forces dessintegrated as the Allmoge had to go for home and the harvest, the rebell Leader hided up in the region Dalarna to gather strenth and rally new forced for their cause...

The Union forces had replaced their losses in September 1466, they then aimed for a offensive forward the region Dalarna, to try to capture the rebell Leaders before they had a chanse to rally a new rebell army... All this translated in to the Dux Britanniarum Rulebook scenario "Raiding a Border Tower"


  1. Looking forward to this, as always. :-)


  2. Great-looking set-up and an interesting period. Looking forward to more.

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  3. Fantastic looking table Michael!

  4. That's a great teaser, no doubt!

  5. Your game tables and scenery are always so impressive. I am loving following this campaign...

  6. Looking good!
    Nice layout for the texts.

  7. Superb looking figures, hand painted flags and terrain.

  8. Thanks you Mates !!!

    I´m almost finished with the AAR, I hope to have it up in a couple of hours...

    Best regards Michael