Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wasa Defense Corps

In my miniature cabinet I have had some 28mm Finnish World War 2 miniatures that I painted some 10 years ago, I now found a new use for them in our "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" club project.

Based on this quote of a telephone call that was made by the Commander of Vasa Defence Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Martin Ekström, the morning after the shooting in Ådalen 1931 to the his friend and newspaper man in Stockholm Otto Järte:

"Here it says in the papers that it is full rebellion of the red in Ådalen and that the position is serious. If the Swedish authorities can not handle the situation, I am prepared to within twelve hours mobilize my seven battalions defence corps here in Ostrobothnia, around 7,000 men. I can also seize all sea vessels in Ostrobothnian ports and over ship with necessary supplies to Ådalen."

Lieutenant Colonel Martin Ekström

They never sent the troops that time, BUT as in our story the Ådalen events escalated in to a full conflict I´m sure that Lieutenant Colonel Ekström would have sent at least some troops to Sweden to fight the reds, especially as he still was a Swedish citizen with his roots in Dalarna/Darlecarlia.

So now my Finnish soldiers will represent the Wasa Defense Corps fighting for the White side in our very moderate Swedish conflict. I have given them a white arm band and a new base.

Here are a picture of the minis that are divided in to Leader with a 8 men Rifle Squad and a 6 men LMG Squad, about 200 points for our rules. All minis from Black Tree Designs.

You will see more of them in the next AAR...


  1. Very nice background and nicely painted unit there

  2. Another wonderful addition, It's great when a project takes an unexpected twist.

  3. Great looking figures again! Your basing is top notch as always.

  4. Very very nice figures!!Interesting story too!

  5. Starting to turn into a regional conflict. Next thing you know, Adventures from Norway and Denmark will start to show up.
    And then the "volunteer corps" will start to flood in :P

  6. Nice looking troops. This has been so much fun to follow.

  7. It's great when you can repurpose sleeping figures, especially ones as nice as these!

  8. Excellent as always Michael, and a very interesting addition to the campaign.

    What will the Reds' response? ;)

  9. Looking forward to seeing more of this unusual project!