Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #4

Here comes some pictures from my and Jonas last test of rules for our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict club project.

This time we continued to use the one I had put together by using the best parts of Muskets and Tomahawk, Triumph and Tragedy, Mud and Blood and of course some of my own ideeas.

The gaming area was 120x120cm and we used 300 points forces, the points are not totaly set.

OOB White force (Regular Swedish Army)

The White force was under comand of Ryttmästare Johan Beironsson mounted and considered a good Tactician. An Tank m/21-27 armed with a LMG, 3 soldiers and a medium mortar, 12 soldiers with rifles and one of them with a Automatic Rifle (BAR), 6 Landsstorm Militia with Rifles. All with Experience Level Trained and Morale Level Confident except the Landsstorm that was Green and had Poor morale.

OOB Red force (Socialist Miners Union Militia)

The Red force was under comand of the Legendary Union Leader of "Gruvettan" Engelbrekt Engelbrektson known as a determined man and accompanied by the "Gruvettan" Banner. 12 Miners with rifles and one of them with a LMG, 7 Miners with rifles and loads of Dynamite. 4 Miners with a HMG. All with Experience Level Trained and Morale Level Confident.

The White side have been ordered to performe a Recon mission, but the main reason for Ryttmästare Beironson to accept the mission was thet he would get a chanse to visit young and beautiful Miss Elvira Johansson that own the small newsstand known as the "Bro Kiosken".

The Red side had been sent to the "Bro Kiosken" by the Young Eagles Leader Erland Thageson to get some candy and sweets that hi had promised his young fighters in our last game...

Both forces started of table and was allowed to enter anywhere along their base line.

The White force choose to send in their Tank first followed by Ryttmästare Beironson that was wery eager to show of for the beautiful Miss Elvira at the "Bro Kiosken"...

The Red seemed to be a bit more on their toes and sent the Dynamitards and the HMG unde stiff command of Engelbrekstton himself on their right flank and in cover of the red cottage...

To cover their left flank the red sent their 2 groups of ordinary miners, the left one got a glimps of the White leader Ryttmästare Beironson all alone on his galant hores and they didn´t hesitate to take a shot at him...

...and down he went...or at least his horse... Ryttmästare Beironson took a run for it an fleed the field in disgrace all in plain sight of the beautiful Miss Elvira at the "Bro Kiosken"...

Might not have been the best start for the White, but the soldiers soon realised that now they had a better chanse to show of for the beautiful Miss Elvira at the "Bro Kiosken".

The Tank crew took some small arms fire and decided it was best to await the Infantry support before advancing again...

Situation after the forst shoots had been fired...

The two squads of "Gruvettan" riflemen continued their alternately advance and fire in the filed...

The Whites Mortar and Landsstorm squad took possitions amongst the cows...

Chairmen Engelbrektson lead his men from the safe possition behind the small red cottage...

Death from above...the White mortar squad get lucky and manage to get a mortar bombardement straight on top of the Miners Dynamitards...

The Whites grasped the moment and made a general advance, the tank crew was so eager that they left their infantry support behind...

...and the Landsstorm Militia soldiers started to make a headles advance throught the fields...

By the "Bro Kiosken" miss Elvira was most impressed by the Soldiers that had a shoot out with the Miners HMG...

Left behind by the Tank...

The "Gruvettan" HMG had a strong possition in cover of the privy... The remains of the Dynamitard squad prepere them self for a assault on the Tank that so incautious had advanced to the small houses...

Despite the cows the White soldiers manage to get some fire at the advancing Minerst in the field...

Do or die...a small group of Dynamitards assaultes the Tank...ending in disaster for the dynamitards...

The "Gruvettan" had to retreat due to heavy losses...

Sorry for the sporadic story, but as this was truly a playtest we discussed the rule mechanisms and replayed some parts of the battle. I think we are on the right track, but the tru baptism of fire will be by the end of the summer when we run a game for 6-10 players.


  1. Great report Michael and great to see so many lovely pics of well painted mini's and terrain.

    Just out of interest, who makes the Swedish white Forces?



  2. Excellent, excellent terrain. What a great looking game. Fun report too. Thanks for posting.

  3. Always a pleasure to read your AARs. They are also a visual treat as well.

  4. Great AAR and wonderful pictures Michael

  5. Thanks mateys !!!

    @ Darrell, all minis in the White force are from My friend Björns range of Ådalen miniatures, so far 15 interwar swedish minis, you can read more at his blog and Also fine a Link to the webshop to order some;)


    Best regards Michael

  6. Very interesting AAR, and the game table is wonderful!!!

  7. Simply outstanding. Beautifuly painted figures a on an amiable gaming table... What else could a wargamer want?

  8. Good report, and I'm glad that you are ironing out the rules. Look forward to seeing more.

  9. Once again a simply lovely set up!


  10. of course now you need to make a model to represent miss Elvira. :D

    1. Indeed I do, but I havent found a appropriate mini yet, still looking:)

      Should look a bit like this: http://image.bokus.com/images2/9789172697416_large

  11. Great AAR , and the terrain is truly stunning....
    looks like a nice Swedish country side :)

    1. Thanks !

      I realy hope so, and as you say it it probably is:)

  12. Great report and fantastic photos Michael!

  13. Lovely to look at, Michael! Poor dynamiters. Their luck will have to get better in the future!

    1. Thanks Monty

      I working on some real reinforcements for the Dynamitards:)

  14. Thank you all for appreciated comments !!!

    Best regards Michael

  15. Thanks for a great write-up Michael!

    Looking forward to trying out the tweaked rules on Monday night!