Friday, February 7, 2014

Building a medieval church #5

Slow progeress in the church build, here are at least some pictures to show how far I managed.

A Danish "Fogde" collecting tax...need some paint work to as the church...

The base for the walls around the church...

The walls was build of balsa wood, 20x20mm with 20x10 triangle glued on top, 
will be covered in the stone paper...

Church got some base colour... The Church yard will be about 30x50cm

Covering the Church yard gare with "brick" paper

Gate in place, the wood in the middle are just to keep it in place when the PVA dry...

Churche, gate and the walls have been saw to the right lenght and angle...

The construction continues...


  1. always better and better ! I like the walls around the church and the porch !
    Thanks for sharing : it gives me ideas ....

  2. Looks to become a fantastic piece of terrain. Good idea to add the court yard. Can imagine the possibilities in a skirmish game!

  3. Mighty impressive, even in this half-finished state! It will be a great addition to your collection of splendid terrain.

  4. Impressive work Michael, this is going to be an outstanding and unique building.

  5. That is coming along very nicely Michael - excellent work! :-)

  6. Really nice; it is going to be a fantastic building!!!

  7. That is coming along very nicely Michael

  8. It's looking terrific. The gate is especially nice. Very inspiring.

  9. Excellent work Michael! Your church is coming along very well. I like the stone wall paper!

  10. Once again, simply brilliant! The walls are a perfect touch.

    For me, flocking bases is about as good as I get at terrain making. ;-)

  11. Absolutely great work! The wall will be an absolutely great addition to the church.