Sunday, February 9, 2014

Donnybrook AAR #3

Here follows the 3:rd Donnybrook AAR.

In this game we added some character to the units, in Donnybrook the character add some sort of special abbility, like the Banner for the Army faction adds to the units close combat resoulution.

During August 1676 the Danes besieged the town of Kristianstad, this scenario depict a small counter assault by the besieged Swedish fortress crew at a Danish Strong point with some Siege artillery.

OOB - Swedish
1x Hero - Lieutenant Johan Kruuse with the Dalregementet
2x8 Regular - Foot musketeers each with a character, Sergeant
1x8 Regular - Foot Pikemen each with two characters, banner and drummer
1x4 Elit - Dismounted dragoons

OOB - Danish 
1x Hero - Grenadier Nils Eskildsen
2x6 Recruits - Scanian peasants working on the trenches.
1x Regular - Artillery with 4 Crew, deployed by the road.
2x Regular - Heavy Seige Artillery each with 4 crew, can only shoot at the fortress out of play, but the crew will defend their guns.

1x8 Regular - Foot musketeers with a character, banner.
1x3 Elit - Cavalry with a character, officer

The Swedish foot soldiers emerged from their fortification in open order, their orders was to destroy the two Seige artillery pieces behind the danish trench line...

...and a small group of Swedish dragoons should try to take the gun that protected the road.

Orsa Company from the Dalregementet on their heroic way forward the Danish trenches on a mission issued by Lieutenant Johan Kruuse´s father the Dalregementet commander in chief, Colonel Abraham Kruuse af Verchou...

The Scanian peasants was eagered to start shooting by the Grenadier Hero Eskildsen...The first Swedes fell...

The flanking artillery also opened fire at the advancing Swedes...

As the Swedish pikemen approached the Danish trenches their commander Lieutenant Kruuse had them stop and form a very nice close order formation to get the edge in the upcomming assault...

As the Swedes formed up the danes got a chanse to reload all their guns...

Danish or Swedish...who would act first...

As a true hero Lieutenant Kruuse lead the charge of the danish treanches...

It was a fierce battle but the poor scanian peasants got some "help" from the grenadier Eskildsen that throw a grenade right in to the close combat...

...for a moment the grenade stoped the Swedes but Lieutenant Kruuse  urged his men to puch forward...

At the same time the Swedish dragoons had made it to the burnt down house and started to shoot at the artillery...

The Swedish Pikemen made a final puch and cleared that part of the trenches....

Lieutenant Kruuse decided  to puch on forward the closest seige gun...

Now the fight got so intense that I forgot to take pictures...sorry...

The Swedish Pikmen charged the gun crew that all fell in the defence of their gun, but just as they fell the Danes got reinforcements by a group of foot musketeers... 

They didn´t hesitate to charge the few Swedish pikmen left... All the Swedish pikmen was slain and the Hero Lieutenant Kruuse was struck unconscious and taken prisoner...

Not the best Swedish day... as now more Danish reinforcements decided to join in...A group of Danish Elit cavalry charged some of the musketeers out in the open...

Cavalry well as a do or die charge by the Danish Grenadier hero, that alone decided to charge the rest the Swedish musketeers...

As the Swedish musketeer took losses they decided to run back to their own defences...and the danish victory was secured...

Yet a greate game of Donnybrook, this time I was playing against Sören and he seemed to like the rules alot. A fast, furious and very entertaining set of rules.

Activation cards.

As I had some issues with the activation of the units in our latest games, I have put some more thoughts in to get a more controlled but still a bit random and unpredicable way to activate the units.

My solution for this, used with great joy in this game, was to make me a set of activation cards without the specific unit/hero/character on, just the side that was to be activated. 

It was then all up to the player which of his unit/hero/character he wanted to activate on that specific card. 

Still each unit/hero/character was only allowed to be activated onec in each turn and we of course keept the Reload and Turn Ends cards.


  1. Fabulous pictures and some very nice figures.

  2. Another great write up and pics. I collected a copy of the rules from Barry last weekend, really looking forward to trying them out, Dave has a FIW collection so we will give them a go with these as we have not warmed to Musket & Tomahawks. Good idea with the cards too.

    1. Appreciated Phil !

      I hope the rules work well for your gaming to. M&T are a nice set of rules to.

      Best regards Michael

  3. Excellent looking pictures, as always, the redoubt and the heavy are really impressive...hard fight!

  4. Great AAR Michael, and a very entertaining game. I found your amendments to the card activation system very smooth and flexible, giving the player the chance to prioritize his orders to the area/units most involved. Looking forward to giving Donnybrook another go soon!

    1. Thanks for some very nice gaming Sören, the new card activation turned out to work realy well.

      Best regards Michael

  5. Great looking game as always Michael, ditto the AAR:).

  6. Michael another stunning looking game, bravo Sir.

  7. Great looking game as is the standard here at your blog.

    Boy, did those charges look ever painful...Ouch! :-D

  8. Nice looking game Michael! Too bad it was another loss for the Swedes ...

    How did the game play with more characters, compared to when we played and only had one per side?

    Interesting house rules. Looking forward to trying them out.

    1. Thanks Jonas, sorry you couldn´t participate.

      The added characters didn´t add to much complications, as each of them just added a bonus for that specific unit, and you also got the added mini to remember them:)

      Best regards Michael

  9. Nice scenario that I think shows the depth of scenarios possible with the rules. Great looking troops, as well...the period project work has really 'fleshed out' the forces you can use! Wonderful report.

  10. Enjoyable BatRep and fantastic photos and terrain display.

    Well done!

  11. Entertaining and informative AAR and nice looking game. Well done.

  12. Very nice and interesting AAR. I am seriously thinking about to buy it, with an idea to play "Spanish Main" scenarios.

    1. Thanks ! Should work fine to run some Spanish main games using Donnybrook, no ship rules thought...

      Best regards Michael

  13. I quite fancy getting these rules (I forgot to buy them at Vapnartak!).

    They do look very interesting indeed.


  14. Thanks for all appreciated comments, glad that you liked the AAR :)

    Best regards Michael

  15. That's a lovely looking table Michael!


  16. An excellent report Michael!!! Can't wait for more, I like the activation idea, I can see the Rejects having a problem with it as is.

  17. Lovely AAR! I like the variable activation with the cards. Its a nice element of surprise in DB and other games as well.

  18. And another great AAR...Enjoyed it