Friday, March 14, 2014

Barry H in da House

Tuesdays club game was a blast much due to the visit of Barry Hilton from Leauge of Augsburg / Warfare miniatures.

I and Sören had the opportunety to guide Barry at the Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm during the afternoon and then we were of to the club for a Donnybrook game.

Barry had brought some of the test minis for Warfare Miniatures new Great Norther War range, beautifully painted by him. You can find better pictures of them here.

To our joy he also brought a bunch of the same minis as giveaways, especially as some of them might not eawen get in to production in the final range...

A closeup of the three I snatched, Swedish GNW NCO, Russian early GNW Musketeer and a Russian GNW banner carrier. The 2 to the left will be forced in to my Scanian War project...

Barry also introduced the Donnybrook rules for the club member that haden´t played them before and then we run a small game I had staged "The Ambuch at Örkeljunga Church 1676". 

As it was around 10 participants I didn´t realy gor the time to take pictures, to much work to run the game even with Barry helping out with rules questions, but at least a few pictures from the game...

The Danes made a quick move with their Elite cavalry and managed to destroy one of the Swedish wagons...

The Danish regulars didn´t manage to do much during the game...suppose they got distracted by the bacon...

In the end the Heroic Swedish troops managed to repell the Dansih attack...The Danes had to retreat after just destroying one of the wagons...

All in all it was a very nice game, evening and day. 

Many thaks to Barry for the visit to our club, much appreciated ! 

I will try to fix up a AAR from the test game I and Jonas run the day before....

I hope you all will have a really nice weekend !


  1. Nice looking figures and as ever a great looking game!


  2. Indeed a memorable day at the museum! Barry got out his camera and started to document all the little details on weaponry and cavalry equipment. Trust this will be well documented in some historically correct sculpting from Warfare then. Thanks for a great game Micke, glad to finally see of the Swedes with a nice and comfy victory. And a thanks to Mattias for supplying some amazing Scanian farm houses.

  3. Looks like a wonderful layout Michael.

    Barry is a really nice guy- I know him a little through David (Saxon Dog) as they have both collaborated one a few demo games in their time.


  4. Great for you to have Barry visit the club. Nice to see plenty of interest in the game as well.

  5. Fantastic looking table Michael!

  6. Nice looking troops and a great looking game!

  7. Sounds like you had a great day! Nice that you found the time to visit the Army Museum - a great museum in my opinion.

  8. A great visit and very interestin new figures.
    Your game table, as ever, wonderful.

  9. Those miniatures look very nice!

    Too bad I couldn't attend the game, but I'm glad I got to try it out the night before.

  10. Great game, great painting AND free figures! What's not to love about a day like yours?

  11. I was made very welcome by the guys! Thank you Michael and Soren in particular for your informative and friendly company. I will be back! :)

  12. Beautiful brush work and an AMAZING table.

  13. Indeed a nice day and game !

    Thanks for all nice comments ! Working on the proper AAR of my and Jonas test game.

    Best regards Michael

  14. Ohh great looking game.
    And your terrain really lifts the gaming table to another level.