Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Pikeman´s Lament - AAR #2 - Crossing the steam at Ekeshultssjön 1678

Here are some pictures from out last test game of The Pikeman´s Lament, My and Daniel Merseys new Pike and Shot themed wargaming rules that are due to be published in the Ospreys Wargaming serie in January 2017.

This time the two nemesis the Danish Officer, Second Lieutenant Niels Andersen and the Swedish Officer Second Lieutenant Nils Skytte meet up with their Companies at a bridge over the stream besides the Ekeshult lake south of Örkened i Scania. They both need to get controll of the bridge and the stream.

Once again the two companies used have a lot of different troop types in them, as we want to test as many as possible in the same game.

Officer - Second Lieutenant Niels Andersen, he are a Hothead and have a hard time with superiors - he have been demoted several times, but his freeshoter company loves that he cares for them and lead from the front.
1 unit of Shot with officer attached
2 units of Raw Shot (Scanian Militia)
1 unit of Detached shot (Scanian Militia)
2 units of Trotters
1 units of Dragoons

Officer - Second Lieutenant Nils Skytte, he are an Officer and a Gentleman in fancy clothes that the ladies really love.
1 unit of Pike with officer attached
2 units of Shot
1 unit of Galoppers
1 unit of Dragoons
1 Regimenta gun

As we are in the beginning of the playtest and rules are adjusted from game to game I will not say much about any gaming mechanics, more than that the rules are based on the Lion Rampant mechanics;)

The game unfortunate once again ended in a Danish Victory...

Due to his good performance during the last two missions the Danish Officer Second Lieutenant Niels Andersen got promoted to Lieutenant.


  1. Beautiful figures and terrain - looks great! I'm excited to see more (and learn more about the rules!). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another fab report! Looking forward to learning more about the rules tweaks!

  3. Fantastic game, the figures and terrain are wonderful. This ruleset sounds very interesting!

  4. Splendid stuff as usual a joy to behold, look forward to learning more about the rules in course, I have started a TYW figures I might have enough for a game by 2017 :-)

  5. Stunning stuff Michael. Lovely looking game!

  6. Great AAR Michael! The game is coming together very nicely.

  7. Really a nice report, Michael.
    Looks like a well made set of rules.

  8. Another great AAR. Looking forward to more.

  9. Nice AAR Michael, but when will you start playing the Danes so you actually try the sweet taste of victory ;0)

  10. Another great game and beautiful setup ... really looking forward to these rules now :-) I officially blame you for all the money I'll spend on this now ;-)

    1. Appreciated Jay!

      Suppouse there Will be much blame on me as you seems to spend quite some on your projects;)

      Really looking forward to see your pike and shot project!

      best regards Michael

  11. A great looking game, Michael! Coming together really very well indeed!

  12. Excellent pictures and report as always!

  13. Wonderful looking game! If only I could paint up and play everything!