Saturday, August 15, 2015

Swedish reinforcements for the Scanian War

As the Swedes have lost the last games in my Scanian War project... I decided that they really needed some reinforcements and have started to add more dragoons from the Skåne-Bohusläns Dragon Regiment. I have one unit of 6 sins before and will add 2 more units of 6 minis in total 3 units of 6 minis. They are all built with the plastic Wargames Factory WSS Infantry and Cavalry boxes

Here are some pictures of the 1st of the 2 reinforcement groups, and a bit of Regimental History from the time of the Scanian War.

Bohuslän Dragoon Regiment takes its origins to 1661 when a cavalry and a dragon department was set up in Bohuslän. Both units were transformed to two companies of 150 men and was called Bohus- Jämtland Cavalry Battalion and its Colonel was Major Otto Mörner.

From 1670 known as the Bohusläns cavalry company. The 2 Bohuslän companies would together with 4 companies in Skåne and two companies in Jämtland form a dragoon regiment . The regiment was then called Dragoons in the former Danish provinces of Skåne or - Bohuslän , Jämtland Dragoon Regiment and its Colonel was Mats Kagg.

From 1670 the regiment was called Scania - Bohuslän Dragoon Regimen . In 1675 was the Jämtland companies separated from the Dragoon Regiment. Instead the Bohuslän companies was increased to 4, the regiment was also called German or Green Dragoons and was quartered in northern Bohuslän. 

During the scanian was the Regiment was involved in all the major battles. On 17 August 1676 the regiment participated in the Battle of Halmstad. The regiment was formerat 3 squadrons and stood on the left wing. 

The regiment participated in the Battle of Lund, December 4, 1676 due to casultys it was reduced to only 149 men and was deployed in 2 squadrons, and stood in the left wing of the second line. After the battle remained only men for one squadron. 

In spring 1677 the regiment was reinforced with 400 recruits. On July 14, 1677 was the regiment in the Battle of Landskrona, deployed in 3 squadrons and placed on left wing in the first line. 

In 1678 the regiment was with Lord High Admiral Stenbocks army in Bohuslän. The regiment also took part in the Battle of Uddevalla August 28, 1677 and on 22 July 1678 the rescue of the Bohus fortress.

Last a picture of one more group of Dragoons the 3rd and last for now, just have to paint them...

Regimental banner.


  1. I love what you've done with your Wargames factory plastics. I have some lying around that might see a bit of conversion work very soon.

  2. What's that military maxim? "Never reinforce failure." :D

    Just kidding, hope this helps those Swedes some.

  3. Great mentioned above the WF especially the cavalry are not easy to get such a good result.

  4. I say Michael, these look splendid.

  5. Nice figures and nice history. Lets hope they perform well on their first outing:)

  6. Very very nice work there Michael!

  7. I like the mix of mounted and dismounted troopers

  8. Very nice indeed Michael! The Swedes could do with all the reinforcements they can get ... ;)

  9. Your attention to details like the animation of the unit, and the 1-2-3 basing system really pays off. They are a lovely addition to the crown's forces - hopefully they will now prove their worth on the gaming table!

  10. Looking great! Could have used these in the last game! Or maybe I should have used the cavalry I had better....
    Have a good one!

  11. Great work Michael! I hope these will serve you well.