Saturday, November 28, 2015

Östgöta ryttare for TYW

As you know from my erlier post I been working on some TYW horse units for a Battle of Lützen 1632 game I are running as my co-authour of the Pikeman´s Lament rules, Dan Mersey, are visiting me here in Stockholm during this weekend.

My matey Mattias that had a Gustav II Adolf mini wanted to use it and came up with the greate ideea that I should write a scenario revolving around the Death of the Swedish King at the Battle of Lützen 1632, He also opted to field 36 cavalry minis as the Smålands Ryttare (The Swedish Småland Horse) in the game if I could prowide the rest of the needed minis...

So I feelt that I could not do less and sins I had 4 boxes of warlord plastic cavalry I soon started to build me some Swedish horse, I built the Östgöta Ryttare (The Swedish Östergöa Horse) with 36 minis and of course I also painted 6 extra as the Kings Mounted Darabant´s (his personal boduguard...that you could say failed on their watch that day in November 1632...)

So here are a bunch of pictures of the Kings Mounted Drabant´s and Östgöta Ryttare.


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