Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Medieval Russians command

Seems like the FireForge games "ForgeStarter" for their Medieval Russian range have meet their first goal and they are now adding a ressin Russian Command with as it seems some stunning banners...will be a chalange to paint them...

More pictures at the "ForgeStarter" 


  1. Wow they look nice, not sure about painting them flags though!!!!

  2. Wow, those are great sculpts! For me those flags would be too delicate in resin and certainly tricky to paint.

  3. What the orcs from Lord of the Rings !!! Why no one can do normal Rus !!!

  4. Those Russians + the old Fireforge Templars and Seregants = The Reunited kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor according to me. I'll probably mix in Gripping-beast plastics and Perry 100 years Archers to it. (possibly Conquest Normans and as well.)

    The hypothetical 4th Age Dragon Rampant Men of the West vs. Easterlings and Southrons campaign comes closer...