Monday, September 12, 2016

Deus Vult - Burn and Loot

I just got my copy of Fire Forge games latest medieval wargaming rules, Deus Vult - Burn and  Loot.

Deus Vult - Burn and  Loot specifications:
Format, 21cm x 29cm, paperback.
72 color pages,
Cost €23

The rules are for "big skirmish" games i.e minis are single based and grouped in to units of 2-48 minis. The authour state that you can simulate any kinds of battle, from small clash between border patrols or within cities, to large battles and attacks on strongholds.

The Rules are quite easy to get hold of and won´t be any problem to learn easy. There are several pages in the rules about seige warfare and rules to handle it. There is 9 different  scenarios are includede and 12 different Army lists, and more army lists are prommised on the fireforge website.

The book are full color and sprinkled with inspirational wargaming pictures with minis from Fire Forge.

A small one evening game would use forces of about 500 points, below you can find a example 500 point army that I made using the Kingdon of France army list found in the rules

1 Battle Leader (each force get one for free but have to pay for any addiationa equipment of wich some are Compulsory) 0pts + 55pts  (Chainmail, Horse with chainmail barding, Sword, Shield, Lance)

9 Chevaliers (knights) 25pts each = 225pts (minimum 4 minis in each unit)

24 Feudal Speramen 4pts each = 96pts (minimum 12 minis in each unit)

24 Crossbowmen 5pts each = 120pts (minimum 6 minis in each unit but you can max field 2 units)

In total 10 Knights, 24 Sperman and 24 Crossbowmen and you would get it all from 1 boxes of Fire Forge Knights and 1 box of Fire Forge Foot Sergeants.

Time to prepere for war !