Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gripping Beast Medieval Plastic Arabs as 19th Century Zanzibar Slavers

As I got me a copy of Dan Merseys latest rules "The Men Who Would Be Kings" I thought I needed to paint me some new minis for the Darkest Africa....

For Darkest Afrika games in 28mm you have a bunch of lovely metal minis from Foundry and also from North Star, but as you know I like to cut cost by using plastics...

So I decided to go for some Zanzibar Slavers using the Gripping Bests lovely plastic medieval Arab Spearmen and Archers box as a base for them. In a box I get 40 minis so it would be enough to build me 3 units of 12 minis with 4 extras.

The units I will build from the box are:

  • 12 +4 Arab Askaris
  • 12 Baluchis
  • 12 Ruga-Ruga

To get the minis in the box moving from the medievaltimes to 19th century I used a bunch of left over muskets from different Perry plastic Napoleonic and ACW boxes, as well as the Perry Sudanes box. I used some heads from the Wargames Factory Zulu box for the Ruga-Ruga. I also had some left over heads, swords, shields from the Gripping Beast Mounted Arab boxes that come in handy.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the 40 minia I built, painting next...

Arab Askaris



Additional Arab Askaris


  1. This is a great idea Michael, I shall have to have a go at this.

  2. They look great and can't wait to see them painted.

  3. Possibly the best and most relevant post I have ever come across on the internet! You Sir have genius.

  4. Those turned out well - can't wait to see them with some paint.

  5. These should paint up a treat - well done!

  6. Great execution. I planned to do the same thing, but gave up when I couldn't get the first set of Perry arms to fit (the arab shoulders are too broad. Might have to give it another go now I've seen yours.

    1. Thanks !

      I had to do some cutting to get them to fit.

  7. Excellent the joy of plastic conversion ! I wish😀

  8. Great idea and great conversions. Looking forward to seeing the final product!

  9. Very clever! Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  10. Very nice indeed! With slight variations, could be used to create NWF Tribesmen/Afghans, or North Africans to fight French Colonials. Very useful info, thanks for posting!

  11. Your plastic conversions inspire imagination. i'll go and look over my plastic 28mm kits. Thanks a lot

  12. Excellent. Always great to plastic part swapping. cheers

  13. Excellent. And this somehow is the GB plastics in a nutshell. Rather limited when built straight out of the box on their own - but can be really good when mixed with other boxes of plastics.

  14. This is an absolutely fantastic idea! They ook awesome as well!

  15. These do look rather promising already!

  16. Thank you very much !!!

    Glad to be able to inspire :)

  17. They look excellent.

    I was planning to use them as dismounts for Perry's Bagarra cavalry, and I am pleased to see they can do the job, especially if modified with other plastic sprues.

    Can't wait to see them in the paint.