Monday, July 30, 2018

Solar farm - Strontium Dog

Due to a bunch of childhood flachbacks I just needed to get me a box of the newly released Strontium Dog: The Good the Bad and the Mutie starter game from Warlord games.

The box was filled with stuff, 8 minis, different cards, rulebook, introduction scenarios/campaign (for the minis included, dice, markers and a MDF-Solar farm.

I have only had one read of the rules so cant say much about them else then I already like what they done with the lovely layouted rulebook, easy, really small scale action, perfect for a fast kitchen table game.

I have primed the minis butnot started the painting, instead I have focused to build the Solar farm from Sarissa-Precission that was included in the Strontium dag starter box. I have never erlier built any lasercut set, this one was delivered in a flat package with step-by-step instruction just like IKEA so I felt familiar... 

The build was quite easy, some of the parts felt a bit fragile, but I managed only to break one part, easy fixed with some glue:) I opted to add a bit of planks etc to get a more rag-tag look.

Below are some pictures of my painted-up Solar farm.


  1. You have done a great job. Happy gaming.

  2. That came out very well...nice clutter and junk.

    I have to wait to get hold of my starter set as I'm on holiday :O(

  3. Never even heard of this - was it a comic?

    1. Indeed Comic, created by the same Writer and Artist as Judge Dredd.

  4. Excellent work.
    When I found out 200AD figs of Dredd/Rogue trooper were available I was soooo tempted..TBH, I still am :-)

  5. Oh wow! Now even more tempted than I was before!

  6. Great building and painting work, sir. I am very interested in this range.

  7. Neither game nor comic really capture my imagination, but your terrain building skills are awesome as always!