Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Building a Galley and gameboard for Displaygame this weekend...

Been quite busy the last week as I have been working on a Russian galley and a 180x360cm game board for a Display game of the Battle at Stäket 1719 this weekend, its 299 years sins the battle and the Battlefield museum HAMN have a bunch of activetys and free entrance both Sunday 12/8 and Monday 13/8.

Yes we run the Battle at Stäket 1719 at Salute this year, but the splendind terrain and Gelleys that Jan built are in England so i had to do a quick and dirty build to be able to set-up the game.

The game board took me about 12 hours to make and the galley about the same amount of time, finished the painting of the Galley, that are in 1:50 scale, today and now I will focus on smaller details for the battle.

Below a bunch of pictures from my work.


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