Saturday, July 13, 2019

Cold war gone hot - Seven Days to the River Rhine

Seems like a 1980´s Cold War gone Hot using the Seven Daysto the River Rhine from Great Escape Games will be the next gaming hype at the club.

At least a couple of games already been played and I know both Russian DDR, West german, American and Swedish forces are in different stages of mobilization...

I started to paint some 15mm Swedes and Russians some month ago so I´m well ahead and got a test game of the rules in the othererday with my son David.

A Meeting engangement between a Platoon of Swedish Armourd Infantry and a platyoon of Russian Armourd Infantry reinforced with twoT-55 tanks. We had a really good game, rules work fine and was quick to get hold of.

The T-55´s and the Russian Infantry from Plastic Soldier Company, rest of the Russians from Flames of War as well as the Swedish Infantry, the Swedish Bv-302 are 3d prints.

Below a map and some pictures from the game.


  1. Looks great and a very tense game.

  2. Looking good, I am painting up some vehicles for the same game!

  3. Great looking.
    What miniatures do you use for swedish infantry?

    1. Team Yankee, Netherlands TDU702 Armoured Infantry Platoon