Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Plastic Soldier Company T-55 and Soviet Infantry

For my Cold war gone hot project I got me a couple of some very nice minis from The Plastic Soldier Company, a box of five T-55 Main battle Tanks and a box with a Soviet Infantry Company .

The T-55 are an iconic Warzaw pact tank, n the box you get 5 of them and there is parts so you can build 6 different models of the T55 tank (Soviet T-55, Soviet T-55A, Soviet T-55AM, Czech T-55A, Polish T-55 and Polish T-55A). I chose to build mine as plain Soviet T-55.

They was easy to build despite it took some time to locate the right part on the sprue, so many choises. In the end they they turned out very fine.

The Soviet Infantry Company box was filled with minis 126 in total, 8 basic infantry sprues with 12 minis on each sprue, including 1 LMG and 1 RPG. as well as 3 command/special weapon sprues with 10 minis on each as well as the support weapon for your company, 3xsnipers, 3xSA-7, 3xAT-4 Spigot, A3xT-3 Sagger and 3xASG-17.

I like the look of them and that it was quite many different poses so I get a active look of my units, fast to paitn to especially sins i didn´t put much effort in the painting, 15mm start to be a bit small for my eyes.

I would absolutely recomend both these kits especially the Infantry as they got at least me all the Soviet minis and infantry support I need in a cost effective way.


  1. They should keep you busy for a while Michael.

  2. Nice, I am also looking at the PSC infantry. I plan to painting up the S-Tanks this weekend.

  3. Tanks and infantry look great 👍🏻

  4. Hey Mike! Do you still have some old/unwanted 15mm stuff you'd like to part ways with?

    Sorry for contacting you this way, I couldn't find any contact info

    1. Hej John

      Skicka ett mail till mig så hörs vi.