Friday, October 11, 2019


Haven´t been much blogging lately, but have still painted minis and terrain, one such small project have been the new SPQR starter box from Warlord games, lots of plastics in that box.

I just added some odd minis, like the WI Druid, 12 Perry sudanese etc adn got med 2 nice forces. Yes 1,2,3 basing...

I liked the look of the rules and the basic concept, have played a couple of time but not really hooked, at least not yet.

Anyway here are some pictures of the minis I painted, first some Celts and then some Cesarian Romans, guess I´m a Rampant junky as I grouped and painted the minis in groups of 12 :)


  1. I have got into these rules in a big way.They are a fum set and give an enjoyable game.

  2. Nicely done, with Mortal Gods out I went in that direction, waiting to hear more thoughts from other folks before I lay down the kish for SPQR.


  3. Not really drawn to SPQR but actually waiting quite impatiently for the TFL ancients game which is in the works right now.
    Other than that your painting is superb as always and I think I‘ll nick your 3-2-1 basing for my 3rd century Romans.

  4. Good to hear that you are keeping busy Michael and I love the new miniatures. Very nicely done Sir.

  5. Do quite like the looks of these guys, not usually a fan of how 28mm are styled. Nice work, they look very good.

  6. These look terrific, Michael! I've really the way you base your figures - they just look perfect for games at this tactical level - top work!!