Sunday, October 27, 2019


I got my first Games Workshop starter box in about 20 years, last time it was the exellent game Mordheim and this time Warcry, skirmish action with mainly chaos warbaand in the Age of Sigmar.

Not realy sure way I decided to get it, but I liked what I read about it, swift and simple rules, small gaming area, lovely terrain included etc was indeed things that tippe the sacle in favour for a order.

So the last month I been totaly caught up painting Warcry terrain and minis, even got so hooked so I got a extra warband as well as some StormCaster minis as mu son David wanted to run them.

I was indeed impressed by the terrain made of quality hard plastic as well as the included minis, so much animation to them.

Below you can see the terrain, 4 Warbands (Iron Golems, Untamed Beasts, Stormcasters and Corvus Cabal as well as the 6 chaos raproryx and 6 chaos furies included in the starter box.


  1. Sweet! May you and your Son have many happy games ahead.


  2. Wonderful looking minis and terrain. Hope you both enjoy your games.

  3. Looking great, I even like the Swedish colour scheme proudly worn by the Stormguard.

  4. You done a great job on the terrain and war bands!