Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Got a Article in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 113 :)

Just wanted to let you knwo that you can find a article and scenario of mine in the latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, issue 113.

The theme for this issue are "Conflict in Norway throught the ages" and my article are about the Swedish attack at Trondheim in 1718 that ended in a Swedish disaster. Writen for Rebels and Patriots rules but also included stats for Black Powder.

I have also produced this months WSS Online scenario, The Battle of Bysjön 1644, one again a Swedish loss against the Norwegians... writhen for The Pikemens Lament and free for download.

Hope you like them both and that they give you some good games.


  1. Awesome! I look forward to reading them when my copy arrives.

  2. About WSS112 your scenario of the Swedish crusade I have a question about Ingrian tribal warriors :are they impetuous? Thank you.

    1. Good Question. As per the Lion rampant rules that I wrote the scenario for they are considered Fierce Foot and thave tha Wild charge rule, i.e. they must charge if enemy within a move distance. As for the hail Caesar rules I chose not to class them as haveing Frenzied Charge as then they have to charge if a enemy as visable, no consideration to how far away. When we play the scenario with the hail Caesar rules we use a "light" Frenzied Charge rules i.e. we keep the second part of the rule "In addition, the unit must use its initiative to charge..." so they are Impetuous if the enemy are within 12".