Thursday, May 27, 2021

Uppland Regiment 1808

Next up in my re-basing frensy, this time I actually had to paint 8 minis to get full units, are the swedish Uppland Regiment, 1st and 2nd Batallion. Each Batallion are 28 minis on 7 bases (50x40mm) the 2 flank bases (with only 2 minis on each) represent the 2 Jaeger platoons each Swedish regiment had (the men to the Jaeger platoons was the most agile and best shooter in the 4 companies of each batallion) they should protect the flanks of the Batallion or skirmish ahead.

The minis are Perrys but most of them are not from their Swedish range but their British in egypt as I painted the main part of these units before the release of the Perry Swedish range. They are painted i blue coats as the Uppland Regiment used re-sewn m/1802 so they would look like the m/1806 uniform.

Also made me 2 colours for the Uppland Regiment, 1st Batallion had one white (Kings colours) and one read (company colours) and the 2nd Batallion had two red ones.


  1. These two battalions make a fine looking unit.
    Regards, James

  2. Looking spiffy - love the flags.

  3. They look great! Nice brush work... and great flags!

  4. Great work once again Michael:)

  5. Very nice work - the Swedish Army seems to be very popular at the moment, with several bloggers posting their versions recently. My own contribution are GNW but the flags look very similar a century later! The basing is lovely and definitely enhances the overall effect!