Friday, December 16, 2011


I have started on my second warband for SAGA, it will be a Anglo-Danish one...under command of Earl Ethelstone...

Earl Ethelstone, Warlord...with 2 banner holders
3 points of Housecarls with Dane axes:)
3 points of Ceorls

In total 39 minis

The minis I will use are what I could found at home...most will be a mix of Gripping Beast plastic Saxons and Vikings, but I alsoe use some Perry crusader and other odd minis I found in my boxes...

The only mini I bought peculiarly for this warband are the Warlord, Earl Ethelstone...I used the very cool GB King Penda viginette, might be a couple of hundred years to early, but I don´t really care as the mini are so cool I just had to have it:)

Here are a VIP picture of my Anglo-Danish Warband...


  1. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

  2. These guys are going to look real nice. Can't wait to see them painted.

  3. Nice mix of figures like angry looking forward to seeing how they turn out!