Sunday, December 4, 2011

SAGA Campaign - Summer of -67

I have decided to start up a small SAGA Campaign at our club...with primary goal to lure more members in to get SAGA warbands;)

At first it will only be a measurement of which fraction are on topp at the moment, and we see how it develop from there...

Summer of -67

Our SAGA-Campaign is set to start in the early summer of 1067.

Last Autum two large battles was staged first did Harold Godwinson and he´s Anglo-Danish army win over Harald Hardrade and he´s Viking army at Stamford bridge.

Then Harold Godwinson and he´s Anglo-Danish army force marched south to meet the Norman invasion by William of Normandy and he´s Norman army…as you all know the Anglo-Danes lost the battle…

Now it is the late spring of 1067 and the battle of Britain can begin…

King William is trying to consolidate he´s positions and conquer the rest of Britain.

There are still plenty of Anglo-Danish Earls that try to put up some opposition and Viking forces that roaming the costs, even the Welsh start to take advantage of the situation.

It would take about 10 years before the Normans could claim some kind of total victory of Britain…

White - Viking - V
Green - Anglo-Danish - AD
Blue – Norman - N
Yellow – Welsh - W

Each fraction have 8 territorys at start, the winner in a game can clain one of the loosers territorys.


  1. Good idea, keep us posted of progress

  2. Looks great - I'll be watching with much interest!

  3. Nice idea! Looking forward to more.

  4. Very cool premise! I may have to steal this idea for our group.

  5. Thanks !

    Your welcome to use the idé, if you like it:)

    Best regards dalauppror