Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Viking tent

Jarl Eirik are so happy for he´s new tent :)

Now he won´t have to sleep in the open during he´s 1067 tour of Britain ;)

The tent are a 15mm viking tent from Baueda, it is of the same size as the Rendera plastic ones. I just added a 28mm Shield to cover the 15mm one...


  1. Bought myself one of those as well! Looks great!


  2. They're 15mm tents??? They look perfect for 25's, i may have to invest in some of them then. Cheers for the info!!

  3. Yes they are 15mm tents, and realy nice ones to... I suppouse they for 15mm would look like the ship crew used the sail as tent cloth...but they are perfect ar a 2 person 28mm tent to:)

    Best regards Dalauppror