Friday, March 9, 2012

SAGA gaming

Last monday I introduced a new player to SAGA, was a realy nice clach between Vikings and Anglo-Danish...he must have thought it was fun as he now have ordered some minis:)

Here are some pictures from the game...

Set up...two 4 point forces...the Anglo-Danes started to hide behind the house...

Defending their home...

- mammy I also want to be a Viking then I grow up....

An old acquaintance Scur the sheepherd...

Earl Ethelstone calme he´s men...

- The Viking might not see us here...

...but they did...and Jarl Eiriks warband made a quite fast advance...had to teach the Viking doubble and tripple move...without accumulate fatigue...

I all ended in a fierce fight... The Anglo-Danes hold their lines and looked like victorious...BUT in a last charge the Viking Berserkers attacked Earl Ethelstone and managing to slay 3 of he´s Housecarls and with all of Earl Ethelstone bodyguard even the mighty warrior fell to the ground...

Viking victory...


  1. Nice pics and enjoyable report.


  2. Nice! The buildings look awesome. Adds a great atmosphere to the tabble. And it looks like an intense fight.

  3. Very-very good indeed. Congratlations

  4. Nice little report.

    Nothing beats a good brawl.... on the wargames table that is.


  5. Looked really fun have to say nice tables n terrain!

  6. Yes great buildings and sheep. The little touches are really nice.

  7. Great report and nicely done :-)


  8. Nice little report, the table and little bits and bobs look great!!

  9. Very nice game; I like a lot your table and figures, they are, all, very good.

  10. Great stuff as always mate!
    Table and figs look awesome

  11. Thanks my friends ! I´m glad that you like what i blog about. Minis are my work but the gaming board and the very nice house have my friend Rickard built/painted. You can see some more of he´s work in The Rickard Room:

    best regards Dalauppror