Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Allmoge unit for now...

Here are some more newly painted allmoge, atleast the one with polearms? are new:)

No dissmounted knight to lead them in to battle as he´s still on the painting week...

And some pictures with crossbowmen in the front...


  1. Good job!
    The units looks really nice with a mix of crossbows and close combat weapons like that. It gives that "Allmoge look".

  2. More great work from a talented painter, very nice!

  3. Really really nice looking unit.

  4. Very nice painting job. I like a lot this type of unit, almost civilian. So they are aband of rebelds... interesting.

    Best regards.

  5. Thansk !!!!!

    The Allmoge depict the yeoman infantry of Sweden. They were unusually well equipped and effective for non-professional medieval infantry and fought in mixed formations of men with polearms and crossbow-/bowmen. The numbers of polearms and crossbows in the formation seems to have been roughly equal with 2-3 ranks of crossbow-/bowmen and 2-3 ranks of polearms. Allmoge units varied in quality during the period, especially regarding leadership.

    These will represent the hurriedly raised and porly equiped ones;)

    Best regards dalauppror

  6. Great stuff mate.

    Love the basing too.


  7. Very nicely done! I really like your basing as well, very effective.