Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mercenary Crossbows

I have been painting some Mercenary Crossbowmen in service of the Danish King and Union army. These are a mix of all sort of minis, Perry, Crusader and Games Workshop amongst other...

The Unit are under command of the Swedish Noblemen with a Danish alignament, Erik Kortson of the House of Nipertz.

The House of Nipertz was realy from Mecklenburg but they moved to Sweden during the last decade of the 14th century as opponent to Albreckt of Mecklenburg and keen supporters of Queean Margarets establishment of the Kalmar Union.

Hail Caesar unit with pavises

And as 2 Impetus units:)


  1. Great stuff!!

    Very well painted mini's. I love the hand painted pavise's.



  2. A very nice unit, with a great painting job, and the history notes are very interesting too. I´m "falling in love" with this period, is not familiar for me but very interesting.

    Best regards.

  3. Great looking unit, looks great with the pavises!

  4. Super nice...
    What game is this for then?

  5. I recognize a lot of the minis.. I also wonder what system they are for.

  6. Thanks !!!! Glad you like my work, keep one going:)

    And that I have awaken the interest for some Swedish/Nordic history!

    Rules....as all my AAR, so far,for my Kalmar Union War project so far have been played using the Hail Caesar rules I would answer Hail Caesar;)

    BUT...I like Impetus to and the front of the units are Impetus style i.e 120mm so I will probablu play some Impetus with them to...might split them to two units as in the last photo.

    I will probably try out other rules to even some semi-skirmishing have crossed my mind...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  7. Looking good the texture of the flag and paint work on the pavises are exellent!!

  8. Wonderful!! Really the work on the pavises.

  9. Nice unit! These pavises are great and will look impressive on the table as well

  10. I realy realy like this project.
    Its nice to see a gaming period/theater that’s to my knowledge few has even thought to put on an gaming table.

  11. Thanks !!!!!

    I hope to share som knowledge about northen history;)

  12. Beautiful work! Those pavises are awesome. Very inspiring.