Friday, March 16, 2012

German Mercenarys

I have painted 4 bases of German mercenarys in Danish/Union service.

These will be mixed with already existing units so I can remove the crossbowmen I at first had in the units.

I want to have all Mercenary units made up af the same type of troop, so only the Allmoge units are mixed.

The minis are a mix, mostly old Games Workshop (Dogs of War range), Perry and some Crusader.


  1. Quality job mate! Love the basing too

  2. Nice :-) the mix of figures has work really well.

  3. Lovely colourful units, great work as usual....

  4. As always, a great job done.
    We need to talk colors, I need tp see your pallet.

  5. More great looking troops, I don't know how you find the time!


  6. Very nice group of models; the painting is very interesting. re they a unit or you need to puto more bases?

    Best regards.

  7. Thanks mates !

    I try to paint at least 15minutes every day...and I´m a fast painter;)

    These 4 bases will not be a unit of their own, they will be splitt in two other units, I can get some photos of the 2 finished units with there new front rankers.

    Best regard Dalauppror

  8. I seen a part of your work on TMP, and I'm very impressed by the quality of your painting and the compositions that you realize!
    I think I'll often follow your blog!