Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #12

One more "a Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" AAR...or should I say almost an AAR as we didn´t have the time to finish the battle, talking to much:)

This time I and Björn from Ådalen Miniatures had set up a small game to test out he´s new addition to the Ådalen Miniature range.

We used the Donnybrook rules with som small addaption to get them working in out interwar setting. And run the Rearguard scenario.

White Forces (Attackers)

1xHero, Captain Stålhandske
1xTank m/21 with 2 crew and a character Sergeant Panzar
3x10 Drilled Infantry each group with an additional Automatic Rifle (BAR)
1xOfficer, Character, Second Lieutenant Stål
1x HMG with 3 crew
1 Light Mortar with 3 crew and a character Sergeant Knall
1 Bicycle scout that may act as a FO for the mortar. Character, Corporal Snabb

8 Action cards

Red Forces (Defenders)
1xHero, 1st Supervisor Göransson with a Shotgun
2x8 Drilled Miners 1st group had a LMG and second group a Heavy Flamer.
1xAPC, 2 crew and a Anti-Tank rifle, transport to 2:nd miner group.
1x HMG 3 crew and a character 3rd Supervisor Sprängare
3x Elit Miners with lots of explosives and a bad attitude.

4 Action cards

Advancing tank with infantry support from the 2:nd squad.

Corporal Snabb used his terrain going bicycle to ride up on a small hill with a good wiew of the surounding area, a perceft place for some Fika and FO duty...

The white troops advance on their left flank, 1st squad aiming for the barn and  the Support squad deploing their light mortar in cover of the hill.

As the white approached along the road the Miners HMG opened fire from their possition by the crossroad.

3rd squad advanced through the forest to seize the filling station....

The tank gave some protection but the 2nd squad took the first casualty´s from the HMG fire, 2 men down...

The Miners 1st squad along with Supervisor Göransson advanced svift to the barn and found good firing positions...

Especially as the Whites 1st squad tried to advance in the open forward the barn, not even in the cover of the pigies the Miners could miss...

General white adbvance...

Red reinforcement in arrive by APC, the 2nd squad embarke and starts to advance to meet the white´s with coold steel and a heavy flamer...

The slowly approacing tank opened fire...it was devastating for the Red´s as the whole HMG section was obliterated... Supervisor Sprängare managed to escape the shower of bullets with just a scratch...

As the whites 3rd section capture the filling station, their 1st section dosn´t have the same luck as they and the pigs start to squall as the Miners in the barn open fire...you should never advance in the open...

The remaining men of the whites 1st section manage to take cover in a small forest, as the white deploys their HMG on the hill...

The Miners APC open fire at the Tank with their AT rifle...

...all to no vain...

Solid advance by the whites drilled troops.

In a desperate attempt to deal with the tank the Miners send their heavy flamer forward...

End possitions of our game...

Indeed a very enjoyable game, the Donnybrook rules work very fine and give good and interesting games.


  1. Another great report and excellent Pictures

  2. Looks like a very enjoyable little game, lovely scenery and characters like the fika munging Colonel Snabb.

  3. Great Little report!! love the Sjökvist livs car :)

  4. Very nice AAR Michael and the table looks lovely as always.

  5. Love the vehicles and as always a great looking game.

  6. Very nice looking game Micheal! Great report!

  7. I like that Landsverk tank!

    Thanks for a gripping AAR, Michael!

  8. Just a delight to behold Michael, great report, great pictures - super job. May I ask where you got your pigs from?

    1. Thanks Michael !

      The oicgs are plastic toy pis I got from a flee market for £1

      Best regards Michael

    2. Thank you Michael, they were a great find as they fit really well with the scale of the miniatures.

  9. Great game.I particularly like Corporal Snabb.Are we to see more bicycle troops in coming games?

  10. As always a joy to read and look at!

  11. Great looking game, and those figures are wonderful.

  12. Beautiful table, beautiful terrain! Love the APC and the tankette.

  13. Thank you very much my friends !

    I hope you all will have a greate weekend !

    Best regards Michael