Friday, April 4, 2014

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #11

So after some month it was time for a game of "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" again...

Much due to me painting my Carrier trailers and wanted to try them out as well as the fact that my Friend Björn have released the second batch of Swedish Interwar miniatures, havent got them yet, but soon I hope:)

As you know I have been working on some rules for our project, they work fine but I´m not totaly satisfied so for this game I made a small adaption of my, at the moment, favourite wargaming rules Donnybrook...

I decided to run the same scenario as we did a couple of weeks for our Scanian war game but now in the 1930´s. I commanded the attacking White and Jonas the defending Red as he wanted to use his "Röda Nävar" unit.

Order of Battle

Ryttmästare Beironsson - Hero, with pistol and longsword, D12
2x8 Riflemen - Veteran, rifles, one with a automatic rifle, D8
1x4 Finish freikorps - Elit, SMG´s, D10
1 Armourde Car - Veteran, HMG, Driver and Gunner, D8

Foreman Karl Weiron Ottosson - Hero, with rifle and a copy of "State and Revolution", D12
1x8 Röda Nävar - Veteran, rifles, gunner and loader with a LMG, D8
1x4 Gruvettan - Veteran, light mortar, crew with rifles, D8

Red reinforcements (one unit arrives at the end of each turn.)
1x8 Gruvettan - Veteran, rifles, gunner and loader with a LMG, D8 and Character, Supervisor Göransson with the "Gruvettan" Banner.
1x8 Gruvettan - Veteran, rifles, gunner and loader with a heavy flamer, D8 and Tracked transport vehicle armed with a AT rifle, driver and gunner.
1x4 Gruvettan - Veteran, HMG, crew with rifles, D8
1x4 Gruvettan - Elite, grenades and pistols, D10

The only unit on table at the game start was the Red Light mortar deployed by the "Dalkulla" (electricity tower) and the "Röda Nävar" squad deployed behind a pile of logs by the filing station.

The whites mission was to loot/destroy as many as possible of the 3 supplies stashes, the first on the truck by the flagpole, the second by the  "Dalkulla" (electricity tower) and a third bu the filling station.

Ryttmästare Beironsson and 2 squads of riflemen advance in cover of the smal swedish cottage they eveidently will try to capture the supplies at the truck by the flagpole...

The white´s armoured makes a triumphant approach as the driver Larsson honk the horn ti frighten the red´s that are hiding behind the log pile, the HMG gunner Spiik redies his weapon to take them out...

Wheeled vehicle moved as cavalry in the rules, i.e. 12" as long as they moved on road, all ofroad movement was diced 2d6 choose the highest.

The red reinforcements start arrive in speed giving the red defenders new hope...

The "Röda Nävar" proven them selfs as true veteranes as they engage the armoured car in a firefight manage to take out both Larsson and Spiik and set the car on fire...good shooting comrades Foreman Ottosson shouts and promis them extra vodka and herrings for supper...

We didn´t use any vehicle damages but just let the units fire at the crew as if you hit the gunner you also get that weapon out of action and if you hit the Driver you also have imobilised the vehicle...and in our case both was hit and we decide that the vehicle had caught fire and was out of action, nothing complicated. 

But I will have to go over how much cover/armour the crew will get for the vehicle as now they feelt a bit vulnerable... might be because it was my AC...

Meanwhile Ryttmästare Beironsson cautiously advance with his 2 squads, much due to the sporadic and dangerously unprecise mortar fire from the red´s... Ryttmästare Beironsson shout to the red´s mortar crew by the "dalkulla" that they are a disgrace for all mortars crew´s by their total lack of competence...

"Gruvettan" APC advance to support the "Röda Nävar"

We let the tracked vehicle moved as Cavalry in close order by the Donnybrook rules, i.e. 8"

First atempt to reach the supplies...

One major difference from the originale rules was that we allow all minis that was hits to roll for cover saves, even in the open, AND roll that cover save with their Ability dice and succed on 6+. The roll was modified by acctual cover,  +1 for small trees, fences etc that was in the way and +2 for stone walls, log piles, inside a house etc. 

This to represent that in real life there are actually more cover present then on a gaming table... and in real life a soldier try to get as much cover as possible and the fact that the better soldier you are the better use you make of the cover available, i.e. a Veteran uses the cover beter then the Recruit. This small adaption turned out to work really nice.

...fails as the red´s now also have got a HMG, on the hill by the bride, with as it seems a more competente crew...

We used the reload card for all support weapons (HMG, Mortar, AT-rifle, AT-Gun, Artillery etc, but not for Squad support weapons like LMG, AR etc.)

The red´s hold the line by the road and cover the third objective by HMG fire:)

The white´s had sent their small elit unit of Finish freikorps on a flank move to be able to make the best use of their SMG´s and them engage the red´s in close combat...The advanced in cover of a hill but didn´t realy manage to get within range as they also didn´t want to expose themselfs to much during their advance...

The red dismount from their transport in to the cover of a small forest, ready to respond on any hostillity by the Finish troops on the other side of the hill...

The red had realy got the upper hand as the white haden´t made a faster advance and also lost their armoured car...

As a true hero Ryttmästare Beironsson decided that HE had to lead the way and rode headless to the supplies on the truck...

...severe crossfire by the HMG och the hill and the "Gruvettan" squad by the filling station took down the Hero that fall of his horse and get unconcsious for a while...

Ryttmästare Beironsson manage to get up on his feet, ducking some bullets and set the supplies on fire...

The HMG on the hill continue to pour fire in to the area, mamaging to settle the score with the second of the rifle squads that flees the field with their wounded men, leaving Ryttmästare Beironsson all alone...

The red´s cheers as Ryttmästare Beironsson order a general retreat and flees the field of battle...

Red victory onece again...

Both I and Jonas had a greate game with much action, tension and laughter. The Donnybrook rules are realy a good base to create new settings on and I will try to develope this idee some more, hopefully Björn and the rest of the involved like them to.

Thanks for reading and have a realy nice weekend !


  1. Sounds like a good game!

    I have to say, I always love your scenery... it just looks so great and so "Swede" (pun intended)!

  2. Great looking game, Michael. Vehicle rules can be complicated and are one of the reasons I have always advertised the Donnybrook rules as good for any pre-vehicle period.

    I did develop rules for normal cars and trucks for my own games and they seem very similar to what you used. I count open-topped vehicles like convertibles or open bed trucks as light cover and enclosed vehicles as heavy cover. I haven't yet waded into vehicle damage charts or armored vehicles.

    How did you handle the difference between automatic weapons? Allowing the cover saves would help offset the lack of a Reload card for squad weapons (I too drop the reload card for modern infantry weapons).

    It is great to see you enjoying Donnybrook!

    1. Indeed enjoys Donnybrook Clarence !

      For the armourde vehicles I was thinking of use the Armour rules give the crew an extra armour save depending on how armourde the vehicle are, and also add modifiers for some weapons like Anti-Tank guns etc. I thikn that I will leave vehicle damage charts out as it dosent add to the story, if the crew etc are out the vehicle probably are to anyway.

      Automatic weapons... Automatic Rifle as a ordinary rifle but with 2 shots each time, LMG 3 shots every time but needs 2 men crew. Assault Weapons (SMGs and Shotguns) group choos to shot single shot (Rng 8" Close Combat) or Full Auto (Rng 8" Burst, Reload, Close Combat)

      I´ll mail you my QRS when it have been tested in at least one more game.

      Best regards Michael

  3. Poor Ryttmästare deserted by his men! What a well composed table, love all the work you've put in details like for instance the "Dala åkeri" truck. It's very encouraging to see the extent of the Donnybrook rules flexibility. Apparently a very well engineered gaming engine.

  4. fun game, looks like the government forces really are going to need those new MGs, BARs and Mortar.

    1. Thanks !

      Yes they absolutely need some heavy guns as reinforcements:)

  5. Another quality write up Michael

  6. Very nice AAR. Your game table is really fantastic, and the games very, very interesting!

  7. Thanks for hosting another great game Michael! The set-up looked splendid as usual.

    That damned mortar crew couldn't hit a thing all game. It's a wonder they didn't blow themselves up!

    But Ryttmästare Beironsson turned out to be a true hero after all ... ;)

    1. ...but they did Jonas :) at least one of the crew did blow to Kingdom come...but i understand that you have forgott abou that embarasing event ;)

      We indeed had a good game, i for sure would like to get one more set up pretty soon. Especialy if we can get Björn to bring some nice govremental fire support :)

  8. The more I see, the more I love this Michael.

    1. Glad to heare that Michael, might you end up with a swedish wargaming setting;)

  9. I really enjoyed that Michael and as always a great looking game and AAR. Thanks!

  10. Excellent report and photos Michael! Lovely looking table!

  11. Very nice AAr and as always a great looking table!


  12. What a gripping AAR! Will the Reds march on to seize more territory, or will the Whites restore order to the fractious provinces?

    Love the terrain, and the figs look great on both sides. More please!

    1. Greate comment Evan, sound like you have it all thought out:)

      The whites are hoppning for some support weapons to arrive. And may be some armoured tank support... and some irregulars from the vicious "Huddinge freikorps"...

  13. Amazing AAR again! I always love to read through your reports.

    1. Thank you very much! Glad that you take the time to read it though :)

  14. I wonderful report and lovely ear candy as ever. I have to admit I too have Donnybrook and I was thinking of developing these rules further for VBCW and you have shown me the way to going. Top work Michael

    1. Greate to heare PK, thank you very much.

      If you send me a mail at: I'll be sure to send you my rules adaption as soon as I have them in proper writing an we can exchange some ideeas?

      Best regards Michael

  15. It is such a treat to follow your projects and see it all come to life in an AAR. All your hard work paid off in spades.

    Well done and I do love the orange APC!