Friday, April 11, 2014

Battle at Brunkeberg 1471 in 6mm

I have got some some pictures  from a fellow Swede and Darlicarlian that lives in the UK and have been working on a stunning 6mm Battle at Brunkeberg 1471 project,

I know he have run a participation game with his friends over in the UK and they also got to taste some Brunkebeer ;)

Swedish "Rebell" forces to the left and the Danish "Union" forces to the right up at the Brunkeberg ridge. In the fron you have the Klara Monastery.

Swedish /Rebell forces

Danes on the Brungeberg Ridge

Danish Camp

Darlecarlian allmoge advancing to attack the danes in the back after a cunning flank march

Danish Koggs out side the Stockholm Castle "Tre Kronor"

The Battlefield...

After a good fight it is always good with a Brunkebeer.


  1. Great painting and table! Thisscale really gives you a birds eye view.

    I can barely manage 15mm. I have no idea how one paints anything smaller. ;-)

  2. That is some small soldiers :) Nice terrain.

  3. Thats a really nice layout, the troops look great too.


  4. That table does look great and with the smaller scales, you really do get the feel of a large battle.

  5. Really nice, the battlefield is looking great!

  6. That's a very impressive looking table! Far too small for me to paint though!

  7. Great looking game and sure does give the feeling of a big battle, but that's scale always makes me want to have a closer look to see the figures, but you never can get close enough.


  8. Nice game table.... but 6mm is to smal for me to paint.