Thursday, June 29, 2017

Birger Jarl miniature from Fire Forge

As you surely know Fire Forge game has released a box with plastic Scandinavian Ledung Infantry as a part of theat release they also released a Resin cast mini of the Swedish Hero and Founder of the Swedish capital Stockholm, Birger Jarl.

Birger Magnusson from the house of Bjälbo was  Jarl/Earl of Sweden from 1248 untill his death in 1266. From 1250 he was  regent of Sweden with his son Valdemar Birgersson that was elected King of Sweden in 1250.

I painted the mini on a command base with one of the Plastic Ledung infantry minis.



  1. Really nice one! Excellent brushwork as usual!

  2. I like these figures a lot. Lovely painting.

  3. Lovely work on these two figures, really nice.
    Best Iain

  4. Niceley painted figures? Is the flag made from cloth?

    1. Indeed, it is linnen.

      You can find a tutorial of how i do it at My blog, its from 2010 and i made me some TYW banners:

  5. Excellent work! Almost makes me patriotic...

  6. They look really nice. The head-swap on the figures is an really nice touch.