Monday, June 19, 2017

Plastic Dwarfs from Osprey/North Star

I been painting some Fantasy minis lately and at Salute I got  some samples of the new Oprey/North Star plastic Dwarfs that will be seleased later this year. They are a part of a new range of fantasy miniatures that North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games will be releasing. The first box to be released are a plastic set of Dwarf Infantry, later there will be similar boxes for Elves and Goblins to. There are no official release dates yet of the Dwarfs or the othere minis that are planned.

Each sprue from the Dwarf set allows you to build 5 Dwarves armed with spears, hand weapons, or bows and you have 11 different head options. I like plastic minis as you can convert them easily, these Dwarfs I love for their "Viking" style, I built me 14 Dwarfs and made some minor conversions, also adding a Horn from the plastic GB VIkings.

Had some questions about the size of the Dwarfs and I would say they are about 23mm from foot to eye. Some size comparisson pictures below.

North Star Barbarian / North Star Dwarf / GW Skullpass Dwarf / GW Dwarf

 GW Dwarf / North Star Dwarf

 GW Skullpass Dwarf / North Star Dwarf

North Star Barbarian / North Star Dwarf

I was thinking of field the 14 Dwarfs as a 24 point Warband for Dragon Rampant like this:

Vildsvins klanen (Wild Boar Clan)
1 x Elite Foot with Missiles @ 8 points (Warlord and Banner holder in a reduced group)
2 x Elite Foot with Missiles @ 8 points (6 Dwarf Warriors in each group with a mix of weapons)


  1. Absolutely tremendous Michael, lovely work Sir.

  2. Fantasy really isn't my cup of tea but your dwarves do look excellent Michael!

  3. Great work and nice to see some really animated poses for Dwarves:)

  4. Beautiful work - the red and blue both came out really rich and vibrant.

  5. Fantastic! Love the colours.

  6. Really nice little fellows. A few questions about their moddeling tough?
    What is the cross-beam on the banner? A brass-rod?
    How did you do the mohawk on one of the guys?
    Where is the cape from? Fireforge Teutonic knights I guess?

    Also, Wargame News and Terrain has just previewed their orcs/goblins. They are in Lord of the Rings style. Let us just hope the elves turn out just as great as the others...

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, Goblin 3-ups looked really nice indeed.

      cros-beam are a plastic bit from a spear.
      The Mohawk was made from something i found in My bitbox, i think it is a GW part, like a Grass-tuft.
      The warlords wold clock are Also a old GW bit, not sure from where but might be from Mordheim and the duds that fought with big hammers, but not sure.
      All kind of stuff have ended up in My bitbox and from time to time they find their way to My models 😄

  7. Thank you mateys for all kind words ! Appreciated !!!

  8. They are indeed very nice Michael!

  9. Nice work. How tall are they foot (ground) to eye?

  10. Nice figures not really looking for any dwarves but they are a nice option

  11. Excellent work! Heck ... I didn't even know that Northstar had a set of Dwarves!

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