Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sci-Fi Interlude

Been some Interludes from my usual Historical focus lately...This time I and my 8-year son David have built and painted a bunch of Space Orks as enemies to his Marines. We managed to get about 30 of them, took us about a month to paint them as I wanted david to do the main part of the work, so we painted when he had the inspiration.

As they was finished last week we had to set up a game at the club and once again we used the Dragon Rampant rules.

OOB Orks
1 Ork Boss with entourage @ 8pts (Fielded as Elite Foot with Missiles and Leader)
3 Squads of Ork warriors @ 4pts each (Fielded as Bellicose Foot)

OOB Marines
1 HQ squad of Marines @ 6pts each (Fielded as Heavy Foot with Missiles and Leader)
1 Squad of Marines @ 6pts each (Fielded as Heavy Foot with Missiles)
1 Squads of Terminators @ 8pts (Fielded as Elite Foot with Missiles) they made a Deep Strike entery in turn 2.

3 Objectives that both sides wanted to controll.

I played the Orks and David the Marines. As I was in Ork mode I ordered all my Ork warrior squads to swiftly advance for an objective each. David took a more laied back approch with his Marines, I reccon he was waiting for the Terminators to make a dasching enterance and win the day...

The Terminators Deep Striked very close to the center objective that one of my Orc warrior squads had just before reached, blazing guns from both sides...

At the same time the marines had captured the Objective closest to them and one of my Ork warrior squads had captured the objective closest to the Ork deplyment area...

With one objective each it all came down to the center objective that at the moment was contested, so I advanced with my Ork Boss to support the Ork warriors in the center. David deployed his Marine in the building by the objective he had captured trying to provide long range fire support for his Terminators....

The Terminators got hold up by the terrain so I thought I would send in a Squad of Ork warriors to finnish them of, especially as I had got some lucky hit with my Ork Boss shooting...

But my Ork warriors was soon on the retreat from the evil Terminators... 

BUT the attack hadent been in vain as my brade Ork warriors had managed to take down one of the terminators and they to had to retreat making them not close enought to the center objective to contest it and sins i had moved my Ork Boss closer it was in possesion of the Mighty Ork clan !!!

Was indeed a nice game and david thought it was fun even if he lost, i didn´t teas him to much as the good father I am ;)

More games to be expected, we have started to fix up some old Gorkamorka vehicles for the orks and also some Armoured transports for the Marines...


  1. Looks like a fun game! And nice miniatures too. /Mattias

  2. Lovely looking game and your son has made a good job of painting those Orks. Great idea to use the 'Dragon Rampant' rules for sci-fi. I have some 6mm minis so may give this a go...

    1. Thank you very much!

      DL work very fine the sci-fi way and its good tonusen as David can the Rampant engine already.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed it was ! Especialy as i got to Win as a change ;)

  4. Looks cool Michael. Great to have a game like that with the young fella too.

    1. Thanks Rodger! Appreciate very much to game with My son that realy have improved his Tactical skills Sins hi started to game about a year or two ago.

  5. These paintings are mainly from your 8 year son? Respect, looks like a talented painter ... and nice AAR too!

    1. The marines are 95% his work, on the orks he did the block painting an i did the highlights. He is a good painter indeed.

  6. I wander, why not to use your own Pikemans Lament with much more shooting emphasiz?

    1. I suppouse we run a mix of them using some rules from TPL like the officer command bonus.


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