Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4th Regiment of Foot

I have started to paint the last regiments that I need for my Bunker Hill scenario that we are going to play on the 20th.

Here are a picture of my latest, the 4th regiment of Foot, "King´s own"

Short regimental History:

The Light Infantry Company of the 4th, along with that of the 10th,was involved in the fight on Lexington green on April 19, 1775.

It was the 4th Foot's Light Infantry Company that had the first British casualties of the war, leaving two of their company dead atthe North Bridge in Concord MA. Another private, mortallywounded, died and was buried in the center of Concord

Two months later, the King's Own was deployed again. This time, they were among the forces that charged Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill). Again, they took significant casualties before the field was won.

The King’s Own served in North America until the close of 1778 when the Regiment was sent to the West Indies.


  1. Great stuff - I particularly like the irregular basing; it really looks like a charge.

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks!!! I like to have some action in my units if the minis allows it.