Friday, June 4, 2010

AAR Catalan Company vs. Serbian Empire

A couple of nights ago I had the opportunity to try out my friend Matts own wargaming rules CTT - Chariot to Tercio. The rules are still under development and are a mix of own ideas the best parts from several other games, it have turned out to work realy well.

In this game I played a Catalan Company army and Matts commanded a Serbian Empire army. The gaming area are 90x60cm. If your army lose units worth 16 attrition points they have lost the battle, most units are worth 2 points, but Knights and Almughavars cost 3 points to lose and a C-in-C cost 6 points !!!

Catalan Company
1xCavall Armats, Knights and C-in-C
1xCavall Alforrats, Cavalry
2xCatalan Crossbowmen
3xOttoman and Albaninan Light Horse
8xAlmughavars, Spear Fast including a sub-commander
15 units in total

Serbian Empire
6xSerbian Knights, including the C-in-C and a sub-commander
2xRegular Spears
2xLight Infantry
1xPeasant levy
2xAlbanian Light Horse
18 units in total

The first picture are after the opening moves. The Serbian C-in-C was eager to get in to the fight, so he made a fast advance, running through he´s own Bowmen and charged in to the Catalna Crossbowmen... At the same time the whole Catalan center and right wing started a long wheel to try to attack the Serbians from the flank.

The Catalan Crossbowmen was not realy prepered to be charged by Knights, they just gor to fires some stray bolts and then they was overrun...
Attrition points accumulated:Serbians:0, Catalans:4

The Catalan C-in-C lead his Cavall Armats in a counter charge with 2 Almughavars turned out to be the Serbians C-in-C they had charged and he put up a fearsome fight...

The serbian commander managed to eliminate the 2 Amughavar units before he was slain by the Catalan C-in-C...
Attrition points accumulated: Serbians: 6, Catalans: 10

The Catalan c-in-c called for some reinforcements and continued his attack on the Serbian Knights... At the same time the Alumughvars charged the Serbian Bowmen and their Knight support...

The catalan Light Horse line up and start to shoot at the Peasant Levy that the Serbian commander left to guard the camp...

The Charging Almughavars loses a unit to bow fire...but managed to puch the Bowmen and Knights back, ofcourse they followed and pressed on their attack...
Attrition points accumulated: Serbians: 9, Catalans: 10

The Catalan Commander managed to eliminate one more Serbian Knight by a cunning flank attack and start to smell victory....but a moment later a Almughavar unit was eliminated by a Serbian Knight unit it had attacked in the flank...
Attrition points accumulated: Serbians 9, Catalans: 16

I lost:( but it was still a realy nice game, the rules worked out verry good and I looking forward to play again:)

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