Thursday, June 10, 2010

AAR Battle of Brunkeberg 10th October 1471

This is a short AAR from our test game of my Battle of Brunkeberg scenario. We used Matts CCT rules. Matts was leading the Union forces under command of King Christian I and Martin was leading the Rebel force under command of Sten Sture.

Order of battle

Swedish Rebel Forces

Main Force under command of Sten Sture den äldre

1xKnight, (CIC: Sten Sture den äldre)




1xLätta stycken,

Flank marching force under command of Nils Sture

1xKnight, (SC: Nils Sture)


Ambush force from Stockholm under command of Knut Posse

1xKnight, (SC: Knut Posse)

2xCity Militia,

1xTunga stycken, (Stationary guns at Stockholm Castle)

23 units in total

Union Forces

Main Force under command of King Christian I and Klas Rönnow

1xDanish Knight, (CIC: King Christian)

1xDanish Knight, (SC: Klas Rönnow)

3xGerman and Swedish Knight,

2xDanish Obudshaer,

2xGerman Knektar,

2xDanish Bowmen,

2xSwedish Allmogeuppbåd,

2xGerman Handgunners,

1xLätta stycken,

2xTunga stycken,

Field fortifications

18 units in total

The setup, The Union Forces have deployed on the Brunkebergsåsen, both Flanks covered by marsches, they alsoe built a baricade from the foot of the hill to Klara Moastry, guarded by some German mercenarys...

The Rebell force have lined up with Sten Sturen in the middle surounded by all hi´s allmoge militia and the light artillery and skirmishers to the right. The rebells alsoe hav one small force that can make a attack from the City of Stockholm and on force with the crack allmoge militia from Dalarna:)

Attrition points accumulated: Union:0, Rebells:0 (you lose the game then you reach 16...)

The Rebel main line advance against Brunkebergsåsen and the Union forces. The heavy artillry in Stockholm opens fire but dont make much damage...

Attrition points accumulated: Union:0, Rebells:0

The Rebell main force continue to steady advance... and the Flank March with the Dalarna levy arrives early... The union respons are to send their best Noble Knights to deal with the threat emergeing from the marches...

Attrition points Accumulated: Union:0, Rebells:0

The Rebells have reaced shooting range and a fearsome firefight breakes out... The Union Knights seems to have stoped at the Camp for a drink....

Attrition points accumulated: Union:0, Rebells:0

Sten Sture leads his rebell force in a headon charge against the Union defencive possitions... The Union artilley and crossbowmen meet the charges with heavy fire...Sten Sture gets killd by a shoot from the Heavy Artillery and several Allmoge units alsoe get eliminated...

Attrition points accumulated: Union:4, Rebells:12

The Union forces are hard pressed...but manage to repulse the Rebell attack, eliminating the rebel light artillery and some mor allmoge unita only losing 2 units of german Mercenarys to the citizens from Stockholm in theprocess. The union knights are still att the camp resting....

Attrition points accumulated: Union: 8, Rebells: 16

Was a realy nice game, the rules worked fine. I will change some small things in the OOB and then we will try it out again...

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