Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hail Ceasar

I have just pre-ordered the Hail Ceasar rulebook from Warlord Games. Looking forward to these rules as I realy lke the Black Powder rules.

I and my friend Oskar made a atempt to use the Black Powder rules for our Battle of Varna game, you can read the AAR here.


  1. I was checking this out too, but wonder how it will work with my 40x80 basing scheme.

  2. Hi Chad

    As Black Powder are very forgiving about base size and Hail Caesar seem to be that to I wouldn´t think it will be any problem. I plan to use one or maybe 2 of my 80x40 bases as a average unit..have to test it out first:)

    I realy looking forward to there rules!

    Best regards Dalauppror