Friday, April 6, 2012

The Dalauppror paint your egg challenge

By suggestion from Paul at Paul´s Bods that thougth I should run the "Dalauppror paint your egg challenge"...god ideea as it is still time for you all to paint your eggs during the Easter:)

So...mostly for the honour but I´ll try to find a prize to toss out amongst them that pick up the glove egg and assume the challenge.

Paint your easter egg, put a picture of it at your blog and let me know by posting here and you are then participate in the Dalauppror paint your egg challenge.

Last day to enter... Easter Monday 11:00PM ...your lokal time...not that fastidious, just fun if you start painting your eggs:)

Good luck with the egg painting !!!

Glad Påsk! / Happy Easter! Dalauppror


  1. :-D great!!!! I´m busy with mine...see if I can get it finished by tomorrow. next year you can announce it a bit earlier..great fun. :-D

  2. Hi Paul

    Next year...Then we have "Dalauppror annually paint your egg challenge"... it will be anounced in better time;)

    Hope you managa to get i finished in time:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Finished :-D
    Happy easter

  4. Dang! This is much much tougher than I guessed. Lesson 1: Get an egg painting thingy like above. Lesson 2: Painting a Irish snake woad on an egg is an artist's business not mine!

    Hats of to anyone who can pull this off. I'll be following the results!


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